How Digital Trends are Shaping Up Our Lives?

digital trends

The main trend of digital world in 2022 and beyond is the promotion of business through personal brands. If a company has a bright representative, a leader who evokes emotions in the audience, this is a big plus for promotion. The sympathy and trust that arise for this person are automatically transferred to the company, and this affects sales. But if it not, then how to develop a brand in this age. Its obviously, the digital and internet world and marketing through it.

Internet Marketing Trends of 2022

Let’s discuss more internet marketing trends for 2022. Many of these have been discussed in international marketing events, such as CMO Summit and conferences.

Content Marketing

If a company offers services (cosmetology, logistics, education, etc.) and maintains a blog, it really needs author’s texts, without polish and sterility. So that the user can believe in the notorious individual approach and high professionalism of the team.

Texts with the author’s style against the background of others – faceless and even – are generally a priority. Openness, naturalness, humor, irony, character – if the author can do it, any editor is ready to pay him.

Web Development

Speaking of trends, one could talk about components, current frameworks, or the use of AI for website design. The structure is important for solving the first task, and well-developed usability is important for the second. Well, what tools to take for this – PHP, Python, Laravel, or React – this is, in general, secondary. And it doesn’t matter at all whether green or orange is used in the design.

The main thing in terms of efficiency is to work out the structure well and accurately place accents in the design so that it is easy for the user to navigate. The rest can be tweaked already in the process – through A / B or multivariate testing.


Is it comfortable and will it survive in the long run? Probably yes. But don’t forget about Google, which is clearly going in a different direction. By the way, these new things require real investments. This is a significant investment, and the question is what will happen with them next. We remember services that did not take off and were closed for various reasons. But it is a real deal if you want to be present on the search engine. So, invest your money wisely.

Web Design

Trying to anticipate trends in design is, in my opinion, a pointless exercise. As a rule, this is a consequence of something else, some important events in the world or significant phenomena in culture. For example, a technological breakthrough, scientific achievements or the release of a sensational film with a non-standard atmospheric solution and presentation of material.


Live photos: Let’s start with a simple one: ordinary, live, not polished photos. More natural, less graphics. No need to shove your logo everywhere. Nobody needs a bunch of branded dice for a long time. The exception to the rule is large brands, for which reach and recognition are top priorities.

Video: This is a general trend of Internet marketing, not the first year. He will stay and live. People still love watching videos, and videos are still better at delivering brand messages and/or moving audiences to the core. This also includes live broadcasts.

Sales funnels in the target: You can sell through the target directly with one touch if you have an inexpensive product – up to 3 thousand rubles. Next, the audience needs to be warmed up, which means using a funnel. This funnel will help you get to the right customer in the easiest way possible. For example, first offer to take a test, then send a mailing list with a promotional offer. And only then to sell in the forehead.


Internet marketing is becoming more and more human: native advertising, storytelling, individual, bright presentation really work. However, there are still no magic pills: it is impossible to simply choose a hyper-artistic text style or a trendy logo color and thus sell everything at once.

Mobility, high adaptability, the ability to learn on the go – what is required of digital marketers in the first place. At the same time, picking up on top is also not a very good option. Specialists with a large stock of narrow, niche experience and skills are needed more than ever.

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