How Do I Fix the Black Screen on My Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 has a propensity to display a black screen after being used for an extended period of time. Many customers have reported experiencing this issue, most commonly after a reboot or after installing a new software update. Many are forced to resort to resetting the entire headset in order to fix the problem. However, rather than doing a factory reset today, we will first investigate whether there are any other options available to fix your headset. Therefore, here is how to fix Oculus won’t turn on on startup after an update.

How Do I Fix the Black Screen on My Oculus Quest 2?

After installing the update on your Oculus Quest 2, you will need to place a little piece of tape over the proximity sensor so that the dark screen does not appear upon startup. The visuals will now be displayed through the lens of the headset, which previously displayed a blank screen. This problem typically arises when a third-party accessory places greater distance between itself and the Proximity Sensor, or when a new update inadvertently modifies the sensor’s level of sensitivity.

1. Problems with Compatibility between Apps

It is possible that the app you are using is not compatible with your Quest 2 headset if you were previously using Quest without any issues but have recently begun getting the black screen immediately after starting the app. If the app is somewhat old, it is conceivable that the proprietors of the app have made recent modifications to the game that are not compatible with your version of Quest 2.

If this is a game that you have never played before, there is an increased chance that the app will not work with your Quest 2 device. In this particular instance, either the game’s Quest 2 has to be updated or the app’s owner needs to make modifications to the game.

2. The drivers for the operating system’s devices are not up to date

It is conceivable that the operating system drivers for your phone or computer are not up to date if you are running Oculus on any of those devices. In most cases, you may recognise this issue by the fact that the black screen appears only while you are using the phone or the computer, but it does not appear when you are using the Quest 2 headset.

Your mobile device or personal computer makes use of audio inputs and outputs, display adapters, USB controllers, sound, video, and game controllers, as well as a number of other drivers in order to provide you with the best possible Oculus experience while using the device to support your Quest experience.

If one or more of these drivers are not up to date, it is possible that you may get a black screen when you try to use your Oculus on your computer or phone.

3. The settings on the PC Graphics Card are incorrectly adjusted

The settings that must be in place on your own computer in order to run Oculus games are connected to the previous point. The graphics requirements for Quest 2, Quest, or indeed any virtual reality console are far more or more complex than those for your PC when it comes to doing regular chores.

Therefore, in order to have a smooth VR experience, the graphics card in your own computer has to be properly setup for the job. The remainder of this post will walk you through the actions necessary to accomplish that goal.

4. The software for the Oculus 2 headset is malfunctioning

This makes it more difficult to track down the source of the problem because it might occur at any moment;

When you are in the midst of a game or when you have recently finished a meal

For a game that you are currently playing or for a game that you are interested in trying out.

When the problem is with the software of the headset, it will only become apparent when you open the same game while using the Oculus app on a computer or a mobile device.

The bottom line is that your Quest 2 headset has a chance of malfunctioning for a short period of time due to a brief glitch or possibly for a longer period of time due to a more serious fault. In addition to this, it is impossible to predict the impact that the error or flaw will have because it can show up on the Quest 2 display in a variety of various ways, including the following:

Your Quest 2 headset is displaying a black screen.

Screen that is unclear

The Quest 2 will not switch on for you.

Your Quest 2 is about to switch off by itself.

The process of elimination is the one and only technique to locate the source of a software problem on the headset.

5. There is no Charge for the Oculus Quest 2 Headset

It’s possible that the black screen error on your Oculus Quest 2 headset was caused by the fact that the headset’s battery was running dangerously low. If the battery is very depleted, already dead, or has been damaged in any way, it will be unable to power the intensive visuals that Oculus requires, which would result in a blank screen.

Please take the following into consideration:

If you put your Quest 2 to sleep for an extended period of time and then tried to reactivate it, the battery might not have enough power.

Even when you turned off your Quest 2 without incident the last time, the battery may be low if you have played games for around 1.8 hours since the last charge.

If you have a Quest 2 and you’ve noticed that the battery only lasts a fraction of the time it used to, then the battery could be faulty.

If you haven’t used your Quest 2 in a very long period, the battery might not have enough life left in it.

There is a possibility that any one of these situations might result in a black screen on your Quest 2 headset. Please be aware that even if you put your headset into sleep mode, it will continue to use up charge if you do so. In addition to this, even when it is shut off, it is still using up charge, although at a much, much slower pace.

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