How Physical Therapy Can Help You Manage Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is often debilitating, making it difficult to get through every day. Once pain sets in, moving around becomes harder. A lack of activity generally makes chronic pain conditions worse, and it’s a downward spiral for your overall health. When you work with a physical therapist here at PT Link Physical Therapy in Findlay, Bowling Green, or the surrounding areas, you get the help you need to better manage your chronic pain. With the right treatment, you can reduce swelling, and improve your strength over time. If you are dealing with chronic pain, it’s time to see how a physical therapist can help.

Reduce Your Pain Naturally

Physical therapy is an active way to participate in your own pain relief. There are no medications used, and you are taught exercises to improve your mobility and reduce pain. As you progress in treatment, you will discover that you have less pain over time. Movement helps to ease pain, and physical therapy will help you move without pain. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work with you to identify the cause of your pain. We create a treatment plan, and we will guide you in the process of improving your health.

Increase Strength and Endurance

Physical therapy is an excellent way to increase your strength and endurance over time. If you have a chronic pain condition, it is easy to push yourself too hard while exercising. When this occurs, your pain gets worse, and you aren’t going to be able to make any progress. You might cause yourself additional pain when you aren’t strong enough for an activity you try. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we will work with you to improve your endurance and strength slowly. Your exercise plan will over time, giving you the strength, you need to move around with less pain.

Improve Range of Motion

Poor range of motion in any joint makes it difficult to get through the day without pain. If you have a tight knee, or problems with your shoulder, you are going to start to compensate due to the pain. This will make you walk with a limp, or overuse the shoulder that doesn’t hurt. When you see a physical therapist for poor range of motion, the extent of your issue will be evaluated carefully. Your range of motion will be tested, and improvement will be measured frequently. If your range of motion decreases while in treatment, your therapist will look for reasons why this has occurred.

Better Mobility Improves Your Health

When you can move around with less pain, you are going to naturally be more active. You won’t be as stressed trying to get chores done, and you’ll be able to enjoy activities with less pain. As you become more mobile through physical therapy, you may find your mood improving too. With a good exercise program in place, it is common for people to feel less pain and an improved sense of wellness.

If you are looking for natural solutions to your chronic pain, it’s time to see what PT Link Physical Therapy in Findlay and Bowling Green has to offer. When you work with a physical therapist to address your chronic pain, you will be able to have a more active life. Pain does not have to control your day, as physical therapy can have a positive impact.

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