How to choose the right skateboard?

These days, a huge range of skateboards is available in the market and they are of different brands, shapes and sizes. There is one skateboard for any age and one has to choose the right size and shape before they start the activity.

What type of skateboarding do you want to do?

This is the very first question one needs to ask themselves when they have decided to choose a board from skateboard wholesale or from online shops. There are variations of skateboards like state parks, street, longboarding, and cruising. Understanding what one wants out of their skateboards will help them to choose the right one.

If one has a state park nearby, and there they want to learn the tricks then a state park board can be right for them. If rolling around the campus and commuting is the purpose – then a cruise skateboard should be bought. But if one wants a skateboard for their child so that they can learn the basics, then they must go for the one with good grips. As most people want to skate on the streets, the state parks variation is the most popular one.

What to look for when buying first Skateboard

Getting the very first skateboard can be a proud moment. One never forgets their first! While buying them, one needs a board which has a good quality build and can offer a best start and also come within the budget. The more one loves the board, the more one will want to ride it.

Here are the options which are available:

Complete skateboards

This is the most common first board. As the name suggests, one can get everything they need already assembled and ready to ride here. One does not have to select and pair the right parts. This is the most cost-effective way to start skateboarding.

Complete Skateboard Kits

They are similar to the previous one but here one needs to build the skateboard as it comes unassembled. One can get more exclusive or expensive deck here (if they really wanted that) and they do not have to worry about the right size. They make a great quality skateboard as well.

Things to avoid when buying a Skateboard

One can easily figure out a few things when buying them and need to stay away from them:

  • Never buy plastic skateboard decks. Go for the plywood based decks which have superior shapes.
  • Stay away from plastic trucks or any fixed trucks because they never lean or turn. Go for metal alloy ones instead because they come with polyurethane bushed which allow the skateboard to turn.
  • Neither hard plastic wheels norsuper-soft rubber wheels should be chosen. One should go for polyurethane wheels which provide the best balance and durability.

There are full-size skateboards and junior skateboards – both available from skateboard wholesale distributors and one must choose which one to buy depending on all the above information which has been mentioned here. It can make the choice easier.

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