How To Find The Local Physiotherapist That’s Right For You

Are you living in Abbotsford and looking to find the best physiotherapist in town? There are a lot of different options out there and it can be very confusing! If you’re like most people, you need to trust the person who works on your body. Luckily, there’s an easy way to find one with great reviews that you can trust! Here’s how to find the local physiotherapist that’s right for you.

Why choose physiotherapy over other forms of treatment?

Many people see physiotherapy as just another form of treatment – one that is similar to chiropractic or massage therapy. In reality, it’s different in a lot of ways. While chiropractic and massage therapies may help with back pain, both are limited when it comes to other areas of your body that physiotherapy can treat. Physiotherapy will go beyond treating back pain; you will receive comprehensive care that goes well beyond pain relief. If you need treatment for any injuries or general mobility issues, you should be looking at getting professional physiotherapy from Prestige Physiotherapy Abbotsford. Here are some common questions about physiotherapy: What treatments does a physiotherapist offer? What does a physiotherapist do? How long does physio take?

A list of the top recommended things to ask your physiotherapist

Choosing a local physiotherapist is a little more complicated than it seems. If you just pick one from Google, you might end up with one that doesn’t fit your budget or skillset. Plus, they might not be comfortable working with you. So to help make sure your treatment goes smoothly and quickly (you want to get back to your life as soon as possible), we’ve put together a list of questions every physiotherapy patient should ask their physio: What is your treatment plan? How long will it take? Will my insurance cover any of it? Is my injury common? Can I do anything myself right now or should I wait for an appointment?

How much does physio cost?

If you need Physiotherapy Abbotsford, your first step is to contact a physio. However, before doing so, it’s important to know that there are two types of physiotherapy – general and post-surgical. General physios deal with any musculoskeletal problem while post-surgical physios specialize in rehabilitation after surgery. If you already have a diagnosis, then it’s probably best to see a post-surgical specialist as they will be better equipped to assess your symptoms and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Not sure what you need? No problem!

What conditions can be treated by a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist will talk with you, ask questions and get to know your situation. Together, they will develop a plan of action, outlining all aspects of treatment. When it comes to your initial consultation, be sure to arrive well rested. Having had a good night’s sleep will help you feel better and make it easier for your physiotherapist to work out what’s going on with you. Also remember that some of your symptoms may be due to a recent accident or injury, so give as much information about what happened so that you can be referred for any additional tests needed in hospital if necessary.

Can I get physio if I already have a diagnosis?

In short, yes. In Canada, physiotherapy is a regulated health profession. This means that you should be able to find a physio in your area who is registered and licensed by their provincial college of physiotherapy (in BC, it’s APBC), and that physios are required to follow a code of ethics. However, keep in mind that some physios will only provide services for certain diagnoses – some might specialize in osteopathics or physical therapy for seniors or children, for example. If you already have a diagnosis from your family doctor or other practitioner (e.g., chiropractor), make sure you mention it during your first session with your physiotherapist so they can best determine what treatment plan they can offer you.

What happens when you first start treatment with your physiotherapist?

At your first visit, your physiotherapist will ask you a series of questions to determine what’s causing your pain, stiffness and/or weakness. Your physiotherapist will assess movement of all areas surrounding your injury or problem area. At times you may be asked to do some exercises that involve movement for further testing of your strength, mobility and pain levels. This can vary from taking notes during assessment of you by a physiotherapist and then having a long chat after treatment at Prestige Physiotherapy in Abbotsford. A good way to find out is by talking with friends who have had physio therapy or have seen a physiotherapists before they started going regularly like me did at Prestige Physiotherapy in Abbotsford.

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