How to Find the Right Astrologer for Your Specific Product (Service)


Business is among the most important decisions that a person can take. No matter if you naturally decide to do business, while you want to gain success; you should be wary of how to get some essential info from astrology to progress. Let us first talk about the astrological tips to succeed in business before discussing how to find the right astrologer in New York.

 Do you have the ability to do business?

In case you want to know if you can do business or not, you need to see the second house, seventh house, and the ninth house of your birth chart. If the heavenly bodies within these houses are helpful to the ascendant in the tenth house, you can begin with a business.

Some Common Astrological Tips for Business Growth

1.      Fasting and Asceticism

2.      Saguna and Nakshatra mantras

3.      Yantras for zodiacs and planetary bodies

4.      Nurturing plants, birds and animals

5.      Gemstones, according to Ankul Graha

6.      Navagraha Mantras

Find Greatest Success in Business with These Astrological Remedies

Raise your odds of succeeding in business with the best astrological remedies, which are as follows:

1.      Keep the pictures of the forefathers at your business place to have their blessings

2.      Keep a small-sized mirror in your locker and change it one time a month by keeping it in front of the sun.

3.      Install the Siddha Vyapaar Vridhi yantra at your business site on any propitious day.

4.      Worship your family divinities for having their blessings on you.

5.      As you acquire products for the business, get some toys and give them to the little ones.

Planetary Combinations Responsible for Business Progress

Combinations of stars and planets play an important part in business growth and success.

1.      The eleventh house is associated with monetary gains and success. The blessings of this house are important for somebody to succeed in business.

2.      The tenth house is associated with the career. It is vital for growth in a career as well as social status and reputation.

3.      The third house is responsible for valor and initiatives since it is vital for having valor to tackle challenges in business.

4.      The seventh house is the major business house, according to a famous astrologer in USA, due to its great prominence.

5.      The ascendant and ascendant lord need to be strong to have business progress.

What to See in a Good Astrologer for Your Business Product?

1.      Certification

A majority of astrologers, being self-proclaimed, don’t have the required know-how for predicting the future and giving appropriate guidance. It is very much simple to trick anybody by foretelling a decent future. Thus, if you don’t want to get conned or tricked, it would be better to ask for an authentic certification from the astrologer you are considering. The certification is a license granted to an astrologer after completing his/her studies and permitting to practice astrology. You may even come across many good astrologers who have acquired the knowledge through books and videos but don’t have an authentic certification.

2.      Good communication skills

If the astrologer you are looking to work with has sound knowledge of astrology, then he must be able to clarify to you in a simple manner. The expert must be clear about the future projections and not only tell the positive things. He must be polite, gentle, and eager to solve any queries of their clients without showing any arrogance.

The astrologer you are looking to choose must be a good communicator and be willing to answer your calls or messages. Also, he must be fully dedicated to his appointment timings and must be eager to make last-minute alterations.

3.      Expertise

A good, reliable astrologer needs to be well-experienced. He must know different ways to handle clients and understand their needs. When choosing a sound astrologer, it is important to list what you need and see what exactly you want.

A genuine astrologer comprehends all your needs regarding your business product and gives his 100 percent to fulfill them. He must have expertise in every aspect of astrology and not only be limited to natal charts.

4.      Updated technology

At present, any job with no technology is certain to fail due to incompetence in enduring the tough competition. The best astrologers in USA impart novel, updated technology into their practice. To make things simple for clients, they utilize Skype, Zoom, and other applications. Sometimes traveling is time-consuming for those with a hectic schedule, so all these novel technologies can help get in touch with an astrologer.  

Final Thoughts

Do you wish to know whether you’ll succeed in business or not? Reach out to the most credible, and knowledgeable astrologer in Canada. Ensure to consider the qualities that we’ve discussed.

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