How to get students involved in every step of a school’s ERP?

Each followed an orthodox approach to keeping paper copies of documents. I’m not saying the output isn’t good, but what’s the point of keeping a backup that’s safer, more private, and most importantly, easier to use?

Here are some key points to involve students in every phase of your school management system:


Let’s start with the most important feature, the live lessons. Live lessons allow the student to participate in their daily lectures and discuss questions or other concerns with the teacher. If there is no session time limit, only this module can be used effectively. Screen sharing helps with class participation, and questioning allows the child to keep their perspective in front of the entire class.


As Corona has limited physical encounters with teachers, classmates, and other school members, we’re trying to bridge that distance with the class chat function. Students can interact with each other, discuss issues related to the topic, and seek help if needed. It helps with effective communication as well as better relations with classmates.


Having a student see all their knowledge on a single platform not only increases their engagement but also empowers them and reduces their dependency on their parents. Information such as entry date, current and permanent address, blood type, teacher information displayed on the instrument panel helps the student to remain completely calm.


flexibility such as B. Checking the syllabus, program status, homework and release date, applying for a license, etc. It helps the child to be aware of the lesson and raise the class. You can check the status of the reward and pay the remaining payments accordingly. You can check all ticket information and availability. The attendance feature allows you to track your daily attendance and get coverage in case you miss it. With the hostel function, you can check the room type and availability.


You can even check the number of attempts made in the Online Tests section. Campus 365 School ERP offers both objective and subjective assessments. An advanced security solution with advanced features is also available to prevent any kind of copying or fraud.


With the Download Center, you can easily access your assignments and learning materials by downloading them to your system at any time. The child can also donate books through the library function. Upcoming events, holidays, exams, etc. Features such as a bulletin board with all the information about will help your child plan their session effectively.

Another unique feature is the availability of online programs and test scores

The software should support a “response analysis” tool to compare school performance on an annual basis. This comparison will help the school administrator to work for better success.

This unique feature eliminates the traditional archiving process.

The database stores the history of student names, classes, registration numbers, contact information. School administrators should carefully manage problem management issues, standardize examination methods, and so on. to avoid data loss. should use network administrators to


With the integration of RFID and GPS devices, you can track routes according to vehicle numbers. The tracking feature helps parents keep track of their children’s movements. So the child can focus on learning without having to warn their parents about the delay or anything else.

Better connection

ERP is best when it can connect all the dots and provide transparency while protecting the privacy of its users. When several people come together in an organization, it is quite difficult to connect them all and share information in less time.

ERP should help with everything needed to give access from the administrator to users according to their activities, from teachers to create and share reports with stakeholders, from students who support the use of the system, and to parents who always follow.

Some features are not directly related to the student’s program, but should be encouraging. One of the functions of ERP Campus 365 is “thought of the day”. This popup appears on student screens every day and provides some motivation and positivity to look forward to the day.

Student school management software manages all functions related to students’ academic work as if they were done manually. Given the current Corona situation, the best thing about the school’s ERP system is that students can regularly visit their school digitally. They are also in good hands with us and can spend time with their families and work.

If your school’s ERP can offer so much flexibility in student access, how can you disconnect a student from their program? School ERP is not just about full student engagement, it helps improve a child’s performance throughout the year.

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