How to make your living room connected?

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The connected home, science fiction or reality? In reality, if we look closely at the daily life of many French people, followers of connected objects of all kinds! With them, daily life becomes simpler and more comfortable, in addition to making the home more secure. Bedroom, garage, bathroom, office. All the rooms in your home are now connected and equipped with specific devices. But what about the living room, the main living room of your house or apartment? How to make your living room connected and use home automation systems optimally? Our Emergency Electrician Dubai lighting is in this article!

The smart speaker, a key device in your living room

Connected speakers are developing more and more and offer even more advanced features. The latter is notably equipped with the Bluetooth function which allows them to be associated with a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone in just a few clicks. By using a smart speaker, you no longer have to travel. Your playlists are launched remotely, at any point in the homeā€¦ Enough to enjoy high-quality music comfortably every day.

Many models also offer a radio tuner and a CD player. To avoid being frustrate, it is best to opt for a connector speaker model with all the desire features. On the design side, Emergency Electrician Dubai advises you to favor a design adapted to the general atmosphere of the room. A small, sober and uncluttered speaker will be perfect for a small, simple living room. A large designer enclosure could be more associated with a largely authentic and elegant living room.

Automated lighting for a perfectly connected living room

Connected LED bulbs offer more advanced features compared to traditional indoor lighting. According to Electrical Services in Dubai connected LED bulb is in principle easy to use, equipped with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module. The lighting in your connect living room is then automate. And control directly from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The system can therefore switch the light on or off from anywhere. This function is very practical for simulating your presence at home, to deter potential burglars. Need a cocooning atmosphere at home? Change the color of the bulbs at any time of the day, from warm to cold, depending on your mood.

The connected robot vacuum cleaner to make your daily life easier

Do you want to put an end to these heavy, noisy, and inefficient vacuum cleaners? Luckily for you, new technologies have emerged to make your job easier. The robot vacuum cleaner is now flooding the household robot market. These connected devices have suction power suitable for all types of surfaces: hard floors, linoleum, tiles, rugs, and carpets.

The connected robot vacuum cleaner also has high flexibility, which allows you to go about your business during this household task. The robot reaches places that stick vacuums cannot, everywhere and even under furniture in the house. Its small size guarantees flexibility and efficiency for full suction.

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