How to use a video monopod: Shooting and Techniques

Do you utilize a monopod? It’s undoubtedly a valuable device for photographic artists and movie producers, How to use a video monopod: Shooting and Techniques, and it proves to be helpful when we can’t utilize a stand. Jordy Vanda put from Cine com gives you a couple of tips on utilizing monopod imagination in the recordings. In his concise instructional exercise, you will see five plans to boost the utilization of your monopod and make it valuable in various types of circumstances.


You can essentially push your monopod tenderly forward or in reverse to make the next shot. If you swing the base plate sideways, you can likewise utilize the monopod as the slider. You can likewise attempt the center draw while emerging behind an article and uncovering the foundation.


You might utilize a monopod to have balanced out chances while strolling. It doesn’t fill in as well as a Steadicam. However, I was very shocked by the consequence of this strategy.

In the first place, squeeze your monopod on the top with two fingers. Then, turn it on a level plane and equilibrium it at that point. Change the length until it’s just a smidgen heavier on the expansion side. In conclusion, get it back to vertical position and change the camera, so it doesn’t incline advances or in reverse. Presently you can follow the subject and have relatively consistent chances How to use a video monopod: Shooting and Techniques.


This somewhat transforms the monopod into a selfie stick, proving to be useful for vloggers. Make the monopod more limited and turn the video arm to within. Put the monopod onto your hip, and let it hang while holding the video arm. From this position, you can rapidly lift it and turn it with another hand or take it back to film yourself once more How to use a video monopod: Shooting and Techniques.


There’s no room in a vehicle to set a stand, so on the off chance that you want to make a few ambitious efforts – the monopod acts as the hero. If you’re shooting from the secondary lounge, you can utilize a head backing of the traveler’s seat and lean your camera onto it to make it fixed and as steady as expected.

Like in tip 1, you can likewise move the camera advances or reverse to add development to your shots, either while driving or while the vehicle is still. Indeed, not in all conditions will the shots be completely steady (uneven streets, for instance), yet I figure these tips could prove to be helpful in numerous different conditions.


Presently, this one’s a piece precarious, and I don’t know I’d challenge to make it happen, yet it can give excellent outcomes. If you choose to attempt it, if it’s not too much trouble, be exceptionally mindful so as not to harm your camera and focal point.

Try to broaden the monopod and hold it outside the vehicle window. This way, you can have low-point chances of the vehicle or the street, and you can likewise give it a shot a skateboard or bike.

For additional mindfulness, you can connect a piece of chamber molded paper to the highest point of the camera. Along these lines, when the paper begins contacting the ground, you have the opportunity to lift the camera before it gets scratched or harmed.

I tracked these stunts as fun and moving, particularly where the monopod behaves like a steady cam. Even though I don’t know about the remaining final one, I accept it could give a few extraordinary outcomes. However, I don’t know if I would challenge to make it happen. What about you? Could you consider doing the last deception? Furthermore, how could you like the rest?

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