How to wear hair clips like a cool girl

Hair clips are a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. They are an easy way to make your hairstyle look more put together and polished. Hair clips are a practical and affordable way to add some flair to your everyday style. They can be used in many ways, from a simple hair tie for a messy bun to adding volume and texture to your hair for a sleek updo or the perfect beach waves. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs, which is why they are such an easy accessory to have around the house or office. Using hair clips to style your hair is a great way to get some variety in your look. You can also use them as a way to add some detail to your hairstyle. Hair clips are also great for adding volume and texture to your hairstyle. They can be used with many different types of hairstyles, from buns and braids to updos and ponytails. Whether you are looking for a new style or just want something different, it is always good to experiment with new looks!

Formal Looks 

Occasionally, pace takes precedence over attire from Weekdays, whether in the form of simple wavy styles, a walk-through with the styling iron, or a ponytail. The brilliance of the hair clip craze is that adding one to your appearance doesn’t require long effort. Whether your hair is short, frizzy, smooth, or curled, secure it where it separates with a metal bobby pin or barrette. Add a clip to both ears of your part if your hair is straight. Another quick and discrete solution is to add a few tiny or finer clips or bobby pins immediately far above the ear. Use larger or more elaborate clips or barrettes like JuvaBun Bobby Pins for people with wavy or even longer hair, so they shine out through your waves. This little element gives your ordinary outfit some flair.

Elegant and Feminine

Going to Sunday lunch? Purchasing all day? or maybe getting some coffee with your girlfriends? A formerly casual outfit may be given a simple character boost with the help of hair clips, making it absolutely Instagram-worthy. Play around with it and experiment with the stacked effect. One clip should be placed beneath the other as you arrange your hair to one side. For a stronger appearance, you may also mix and combine colors or textures. Add a spiral or a braid, then use a large clip or numerous smaller ones to secure it in place. Don’t be scared to combine the two of your accessories and deviate from established fashion norms. Use a scarf to pull your hair back, and use clips but rather bobby pins to secure any flyaways that won’t harm your appearance. The secret is to not over-style your hair and then let the hair clips take center stage.

Sharper and Edgier Look

Barrettes with slogans or bold clips are ideal for a sharper appearance. Pin your feelings on your hair instead of putting your soul on your sleeves. Wear beautiful crystal-studded earrings and a slogan coat. These can be attached to the sides of a knot or a pigtail or into a smooth hairstyle. You may quickly and simply create humorous designs with phrase barrettes and brand-name clips. Would you like to amp up the tension and have more enjoyment with your appearance? Try hair extensions for additional length and volume, such as JuvaBun hair extensions, or experiment risk-free with other colors and textures. Try braiding a long, thick strand and inserting several pins all the way through it!

Date Night Look 

We believe that for a romantic dinner outdoors, basic is appealing. Your hair accessory must match your overall outfit of the night, be it a glittering clip or a scrunchie fastening delicate curls to one side of the face. According to what you have planned for the evening, a little metallic or glitter pin placed just above the ear might give it a more feminine feel. Choosing a clip with more ornamentation is preferable if the event is more formal. Curl your hair out of the face and secure it with a golden clip to get the effect.

Wedding Look 

Though often worn by the bride and her maids, ornamental clips and pins get a long history in wedding design. However, we believe that visitors may also flaunt them. For the bride, clips with embellishments like flowers or feathers can occasionally fill the role of the veil for a much more stylish appearance. Additionally, brides have the option of changing their hairstyle after the wedding to something much more trendy and dance-friendly. In this situation, switching out your hair clips is a simple method to go from a traditional to an edgier look.

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