Invisalign Advantages and Disadvantages

Invisalign Advantages and Disadvantages

Crooked or overcrowded teeth are a major reason of embarrassment. Unfortunately, a large number of people suffer from it. The orthodontic problem can easily be resolved using braces. But conventional orthodontic braces come with metal wires and brackets that hang out from the mouth to add to one’s embarrassment. Thus, adults prefer to give orthodontic teeth straightening treatments a deliberate slip. In this circumstance another option is steadily gaining popularity in resolving the orthodontic issues of overcrowded teeth. It is called invisalign.

Invisalign is nothing but a set of clear plastic aligners that are custom fitted to your mouth. Made from hard plastic, these aligners exert calculated force on the teeth to facilitate their movement. Invisalign has to be checked and replaced during the first couple of months of the treatment. It is a preferred choice for both adults and teens all over the world and the UK is no exception. Unlike conventional fixed braces, these clear plastic aligners remain virtually invisible in your mouth. Because of its discreet nature and high level of efficiency in correcting misalignment of the teeth it is unquestionably the most popular procedure. However as with any other thing it has both pros and cons. It is important that you know all the facts about it before you can take an informed decision.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore some of its major pluses and minuses so that you get absolute clarity.

Pros related to invisalign

The cutting-edge teeth straightening procedure offers a lot of benefits compared to conventional fixed braces. The benefits include the following –

Greater comfort level – as far as physical comfort is concerned, invisalign is much easier to wear. There is no chance of any painful nick or cut in the mouth resulting from the sharp edges of wires and brackets. The aligners come with an unbelievably smooth surface and do not cause irritation in the mouth. These aligner trays are much like mouth guards and unlike those conventional braces.

More attractive – invisalign is clear and thus it keeps your mouth free from metals. As a result, it is aesthetically more appealing. These aligner trays made from clear plastic virtually remains hidden inside the mouth for anyone to take note of. In other words, this discrete treatment keeps you free from that feeling of overly self-conscious common with fixed orthodontic braces. With these discrete aligners you are free to smile. Thankfully the procedure has no age limit and thus it is equally effective among both teens and adults.

Greater ease – these days this discrete tooth straightening has turned into a norm scoring over other alternatives. As a matter of fact, you can be rest assured straightening the teeth is no more synonymous to metal brackets and wires. Teeth straightening procedure is now a matter of greater ease compared to that of the past thanks to invisalign.

Easily removable aligners – unlike conventional braces invisalign aligners are easily removable. Thus, you can easily enjoy your meals and snacks as well as can brush and floss the teeth correctly while undergoing this revolutionary tooth straightening treatment. Conventional braces do not offer this facility. There is no dietary restriction for invisalign patients. As you stick to a healthy diet and maintain sound oral hygiene there is much lesser chance of developing gum disease at the end of your treatment. On the other hand, these chances are pretty common for patients who undergo teeth straightening treatment with traditional braces.

Requires minimal care and maintenance – these virtually invisible aligner trays made of clear plastic require minimal care and maintenance. However, these can get dingy over time. Dip a toothbrush having soft bristles, in a mild solution of little bleach and water. Scrub the appliance mildly using the toothbrush to get rid of the stains. Do this pretty frequently like every alternate day or two.

Now let us explore few cons of invisalign to help you get the overall picture.


Invisalign is undeniably an expensive affair. Unfortunately, it is not covered by dental insurances. You should be prepared to shell out anything between £3,500 and £8,000 to get the treatment. It is better not to plan the treatment while on a tight budget.

Attachments – invisalign attachments prevent relapse of the teeth once the treatment is over and you stop wearing the braces. These are enamel ridges that stay attached to your teeth much like the brackets that come with standard braces. These days, more and more attachments to go with invisalign seem to have become the norm.    

Keep wearing the aligners 22 hours a day – a noted London based invisalign provider emphasises the need of wearing the aligners a minimum of 22 hours a day. Ideally you can remove the aligner trays only while brushing and flossing the teeth. You can also remove those only at the time of having meals or snacks. These long hours of wearing the aligner trays seem to be a tough challenge for everyone. But if you do not comply you may not have desired and timely results.

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