Is Falling Out of Teeth Possible with Braces?

Invisalign braces

Braces treatment obviously is the biggest revolution. However, people can think whether it makes teeth falling out or not! Simply, No, it has no such ability to teeth loss. However certain associated problems can accomplish that situation about which you come to know about later.

However, braces are the safest method for fulfilling the dream of having healthy, lifelong and straight smile. It benefits your oral health in numerous ways beyond your imagination. Read on to find out more!

During re-aligning it may feel loose: No fall out

Looseness is quite common to experience by the patient during any teeth straightening treatment. It gets subsided easily once you get familiar with braces. Loosening is a good sign notifying that the teeth get adjusted to its own position progressively.

However, there is nothing to worry about as it will never fall out. This is happening just because of slight and slow mere shifting at a regular basis! Brace treatment typically takes 1-3 years to complete. In the meantime, keep visiting your orthodontist as your treatment progress will be monitored by the expert only.  

For excessive periodontal disease braces treatment should be done lately

Only if the patient is suffering from extreme periodontal disease the orthodontist will hesitate to perform teeth straightening treatment. This is so; because teeth straightening treatment can result in poor anchoring of the teeth in jaw bone which leads to it fall out eventually.

In such case, patient should receive the periodontal therapy before any orthodontic care. They must undergo daily checkups and cleanings from the periodontist. Then the patient becomes eligible to undergo orthodontic treatment. Moreover, orthodontist will go through the detail history of periodontal disease and treatment of the patient to offer treatment accordingly.

If you have any doubt regarding periodontal disease it is better to go for a dental examination. A complimentary consultation can be arranged to check whether you are suitable for braces or not from the licensed orthodontist. They do so by assessing the entire mouth including gums and teeth. 

Ensure proper dental health with expert orthodontist’s care

Orthodontists are actually specialist in a particular dentistry. They need additional qualification, training and certificate to become so! On visiting an experienced one at the dental clinic, your dental condition will be examined thoroughly firstly to offer any customised best treatment plan! Generally, it involves comprehensive diagnostics and X-rays for determination of the actual dental complexity!

Afterwards, braces treatment is suggested only the oral condition is too good and healthy for this. So, they test and consider the health of jaw bones and roots as well. As your oral health is in the safest hands, you can rest assure to obtain comfortable and most efficient treatment that leaves a remarkable impression i.e., your impressive and healthy smile!

Remember to visit an experienced orthodontist to obtain the right treatment. If you are inclined to Invisalign then look for a nearby clinic online using ‘clinic for invisalign near me in London’. Visit the most recommended one in your locality!

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