Let’s Debunk The Top 4 Myths of Lemon Law.

You will be surprised to know that more than 150,000 vehicles sold in the U.S later turn out to be a lemon. Being stuck with lemon is the biggest nightmare for anyone, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have many options. If you are stuck with a lemon, you can file a lawsuit against the organization or person who has sold you the lemon. But is lemon law so easy?

Lemon law has many layers of rules and regulations, and therefore, it is not easy for a commoner to fathom Nissan lemon law and then file a lemon lawsuit. This is why most people hire a lemon law lawyer who helps them understand their situation, and then if the car is a lemon according to the law, the lawyer can suggest possible outcomes and the next move.

But before choosing a lemon law lawyer, you must get rid of the top myths related to lemon law, which we are going to do in this blog post.

Leased vehicles are Never Covered.

One of the biggest myths related to lemon law is people think that if they own a leased car and if it turns out to be a lemon, they can’t file a lawsuit since none of the leased cars falls in the category of lemon, according to the Nissan lemon law.

Anybody who owns a leased car for more than four months becomes eligible to get a lemon law claim, and therefore, you have to wait for at least four months after buying a leased car, but only when it turns out to be a lemon.

Only Safety-Related Issues Make a Car lemon.

Many people think that if their car is a safety-related issue, they become eligible for a lemon law claim, but that’s not true. According to the lemon law, if your car has any unfixable problem that harms the market value, safety, or use of the car, it becomes a lemon.

This means that any issue with the engine, brakes or even steering can be considered eligible for a lemon law claim. You won’t have to wait for only safety-related issues to use the power of the Nissan lemon law.

You Don’t Qualify If The Warranty Has Expired.

This is not always the case, but people who have to deal with lemons usually think that in all the circumstances, the expiration of the warranty means that they no longer remain eligible for lemon law claims. Like all the other myths discussed in this blog post, this is not also true.

If you have carried out the repairs for the defects during the warranty period, then your car remains eligible for a lemon under the standard lemon law. This means that you still will be able to get compensation for your car without going through any issues.

You Always Need at Least Two Repair Attempts.

This is not the case. Although, in most cases, people usually make two repair attempts before going to court to file a lemon law lawsuit, in the lemon law lexicon, there is nothing mentioned about the minimum number of repairs you need.

Lemon law is difficult to fathom, and therefore, it is always an excellent approach to have a lemon law attorney by your side. Debunking the lemon law myths might be your first step towards making a lemon law claim but keep in mind that you can’t do it yourself. 

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