Marketing is the strategy process that helps promote the products of the organisation, business, and company. It aims to encourage market competitors to purchase their items and commit to a particular organisation and company. The market requires many things, such as the aim to complete the target according to customers’ needs and functional requirements. An organisation may recognise an area in the market where is incomplete needs and manufacture a product and provide services that label them. The company gain a profit if customers want more products from that company.    

A management style can be defined as an approach to leading an organization. There are different types, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. For example, one style can lead to a more democratic organization, while another type can lead to a more authoritarian one. The difference between the two styles lies in how they handle different types of problems and how they deal with them.

Marketing is essential for the growth of a business and an organisation. It describes and connects the customer with the products and helps in promoting and selling the products. Marketing may be described as 4ps, such as price, place, promotions and products. Various strategies will be followed for marketing the products, such as TV, email, Radio, advertisements through banners, and many more. 

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Various kinds of marketing

There are various kinds of marketing, such as:

Traditional marketing:

This kind of marketing is prevalent before rising of the world wide web. Traditional marketing is done by using various methods, such as radio, banners, advertisements on TV, and many more.

Outbound marketing: 

This kind of marketing is known as outbound because this marketing promotes the products of the company or an organisation without knowing about what the customer needs. This kind of marketing not making any bond with the customer interest. Outbound marketing uses various methods to promote the products, such as print advertisements, emails, and many more. 

In-bounding marketing:

In-bounding marketing refers to digital marketing to promote the organisation’s and businesses’ products. This marketing makes a good bond with the customer before selling or promoting any products. In-bounding marketing follows three rules in promoting the products: making an attractive promotion to attract the clients, engaging the customers through email marketing, and delighting them by understanding the clients or customers.

Digital marketing:

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing refers to power technology to connect with customers. This kind of marketing helps connect with clients who primarily use the internet. Nowadays, this kind of marketing is best for growing the business and an organisation. Digital marketing utilises various types of methods to promote the products of the company or an organisation, such as SE (search engines), emails, and designing a website to promote and add daily activities related to the organisation’s products to increase productivity.

Search engine marketing: 

Search engine marketing contains all kinds of strategies utilised to establish a business that is noticeable or viewed on SE result pages. This marketing promotes the products using various methods, such as google-ads. Using this platform, an organisation promotes their products by placing an advertisement.


Content marketing is the perfect way to attract customers. Content marketing is a mixture of digital marketing and in-bounding marketing. In the content-marketing, we are promoting the organisation’s products by attracting customers using the digital platform. Content writing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content to customers using various channels, such as blogs, media-platform, webinars, and many more.


Nowadays, this marketing is very useful in promoting organisations’ brands. Various organisations choose social media platforms to promote their brands and services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. 

Benefits of marketing:

There are various benefits of marketing, such as:

  • Increases the creativity
  • Improves the culture of the organisation
  • Make a more robust brand name
  • Increase the understanding by selling and purchasing the product

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