The second stage of acquiring higher professional education, which immediately follows the bachelor’s degree, is called the master’s degree. It is it that allows you to expand, deepen and improve professional knowledge in your chosen profession for building a career.

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The opportunity to take part in cutting-edge research projects, and get in touch with the greatest foreign researchers of today. And get a real opportunity for further career advancement becomes a reality with a master’s degree in Canada. When choosing a country, it is also worth noting that the pricing policy for studying in the country’s master’s programs is significantly lower than in the United States or other advanced European countries. The opportunity for a graduate of the post-Soviet space to legally stay in a European country and, after a quality education, find an excellent job with a decent hourly wage is also an important plus when choosing a country to continue studying.

Documentation, terms, and other features of master’s programs

The nuances of admission to a master’s program abroad, in particular in Canada. Depend on the chosen program line and often begin in January / September. The submission of documentation must be started by a graduate of a domestic institution no later than 10 months before the start of the course program. In the selected university, you must collect the following package of documentation:

  • an application form corresponding to the form presented on the official website of the predetermined institution;
  • results of the Graduate Record Examinations and language TOEFL test;
  • a copy of the diploma and extract;
  • recommendations from employers after the internship or from teachers;
  • motivation letter.

The almost complete absence of entrance exams or testing is a hallmark of studying in Canada. The master’s program involves the admission of students based on extracts from the previous university. And the results of the assimilation of standardized testing.


The possibility of free education in Canadian institutions is an exclusively awarded scholarship to a foreign applicant. Which fully covers the cost of education.

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The price of education abroad will cost an average of 7 thousand to 35 thousand Canadian dollars a year. Which naturally depends directly on the specialization and prestige of the institution.


Depending on the chosen master’s degree, the period of study depends. As well as the degree received at the end of the program:

  • Master’s degree based on the curriculum of 12-17 months.
  • Master’s degree issued based on research programs – an average of 24 months.
  • Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy degree – 24-36 months.


A high level of training, the right to work off-campus (after six months of study), and a solid research practice. Comparable only to domestic graduate school – this is not all that a master’s program in the United States can offer. Prices, affordable for almost any graduate of a Ukrainian institution, allow not only to gain excellent knowledge in a foreign country but also to have a legal opportunity to get a job for a period of up to three years, with the possibility of obtaining a residence permit or citizenship in the future.

What does Staracademy offer?

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