Medical Marijuana: THC 101 Understanding its Benefits

Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis, also known to some people as Medical Marijuana, is a drug many patients use for its remarkable therapeutic effects. The drug had gained popularity among patients suffering from severe symptoms when other conventional treatments and medications failed to give desired results.

Patients with cancer, epilepsy, PTDS, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases, HIV/AIDS, etc., have testified that Medical Marijuana can significantly improve their symptoms and the quality of their lives.

Cannabis is approved for use as a treatment for some medical conditions; Medical Marijuana can be found in dispensaries and pharmacy stores, making it easy for patients to purchase their stash for their needs.

But patients should consult a marijuana specialist first to assess and examine their health condition to get a Cannabis prescription suitable for their treatment. My Florida Green has experienced doctors who are always available for consultation, giving the best medication to suit their patients’ Marijuana needs.

Generally, the word ‘Cannabis’ is used to describe a group of plants known as Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Among the three, C. Sativa is known to be most potent as it contains several chemicals known as cannabinoids that make it potent against many symptoms.

Medical Marijuana Experts at My Florida Green Know all about the Marijuana Card in Sarasota

Medical Cannabis is a drug formulated from C. Sativa. It includes the essential cannabinoids known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD, and they have a wide range of applications and health benefits.

THC is the most active of the two, and it is the psychoactive cannabinoid in Cannabis. It gives that ‘high feeling’ that most recreational users seek after. Unfortunately, this euphoric effect is not appealing to patients who use marijuana as part of their treatment for pain and other symptoms. Fortunately, the CBD content in medical Cannabis plays down the psychoactive effects of THC.

Medical Marijuana comes in different strains with varying compositions of THC and CBD. Therefore, patients are advised not to self-medicate with medical Cannabis because they may not be able to determine the appropriate composition of THC and CBD that suits their medical condition. Marijuana experts at My Florida Green know all about the Marijuana card in sarasota strains and their effectiveness in resolving their patients’ symptoms.

How Valuable is THC of Marijuana Card

Most Medical Marijuana strains contain more THC than CBD. This is because studies have shown that THC has more therapeutic effects than other cannabinoids in Cannabis. THC lowers blood pressure, relaxes the muscles, stops vomiting, and reduces all forms of inflammatory spasms and tremors.

It is also effective against seizures and improves patients’ appetite, sleep, and moods. THC is a very effective treatment for severe, chronic, and neuropathic pains, and some patients have testified that it improves their strength and is an anti-depressant drug.

In addition, research has shown that Medical Cannabis, which contains high quantities of THC. Can reduce tumor growth and kill cancer cells. THC works better when combined with CBD as the entourage effect that occurs. When the two are combined appropriately in medical Cannabis enables patients. To use Medical Cannabis without experiencing invigorating and euphoric feelings.

How does THC Benefit Patients

When patients take Medical Marijuana, THC interacts with their endocannabinoid system (naturally present in humans). To produce a wide range of effects that ensure the patient’s overall wellbeing. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) contains natural cannabinoids known as endogenous cannabinoids or endocannabinoids.

And the primary function of the ECS is to help the body to regulate and balance primary bodily functions. These bodily functions include energy balance, appetite stimulation, blood pressure regulation, pain interception. Embryonic development, nausea and vomiting control, memory development, learning, and immune response to diseases.

However, when a person gets very sick, the ability of the ECS to protect the body and regulate body functions reduces. Thus, patients need a small amount of THC to help boost the parts of the ECS. THC is in different proportions in medical marijuana, and patients need different quantities of the herb as per their health. The severity of their symptoms, medical history, and current treatment.

My Florida Green has Marijuana experts that develop tailored Marijuana recommendations for their patients after a careful and comprehensive evaluation. It must be note that since different doses, routes of administration, and strains can have different effects. It’s crucial that Cannabis is only take under the guidance of train specialists.

How Should Patients take THC for Medical Marijuana

The symptoms patients have will determine how they would take THC. For instance, some patients who have severe pains that are unbearable may decide to take medical marijuana by smoking it. While others use a vaporizer to inhale the drug.

Other forms of taking marijuana are eating it together with a baked meal or snack. And it can be take in drops of oil or applied on the skin like a lotion, spray, oil, or cream. Marijuana experts should be able to recommend the best method for their patients. To take Marijuana card Bonita Springs to get relief from their symptoms.

THC can also have adverse effects on some people. If it’s not take and consumed with the guidance of an expert. The patient can be at risk of developing an addiction. If Cannabis is take in large quantities.

Some patients misunderstand that if they take THC in large quantities, the symptoms and illness will heal faster. Over-dependence on the drug can lead to anxiety attacks and mental disturbances. Medical marijuana can also lead to palpitations, low blood pressure, redness of the eyes, etc.

But these side effects are minimal when patients take the drug according to their doctor’s prescription. Similarly, when patients avoid self-medication and consult qualified marijuana doctors, adverse effects of the drug can also be avoide.

My Florida Green has qualified, experienced, and trained Marijuana specialists who are careful when prescribing medical marijuana to patients. You can get a personalized plan that will accommodate all your Marijuana needs. If you give the doctors a call today and book a consultation.

The experts will study your medical history and examine the symptoms you present as their patient. Before they prescribe the most suitable Marijuana strain to relieve you of the signs and restore your health.

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