Have you ever snoozed your alarm to avoid waking up in the morning? The reason may be that you are not waking up well-rested to gear up for the day. Despite maintaining your lifestyle, if you wake up with sore muscles, ensure you get to the root cause. 

There can be several causes that give you sore muscles in the morning. This may include exercising, underlying medical conditions, or improper diet. Before you get serious health hazards, ensure you identify the factors triggering your peaceful sleep. If you consistently experience body aches, an orthopedic mattress can help you alleviate this pain. Ever wondered why your body aches? Let’s acquaint you with the reasons that affect your sleep and give you body aches. 

Why Do You Get Body Aches in the Morning? 

A lot of factors affect the quality of your sleep. Here are listed some of the factors that may give body aches in the morning: 

  1. Sleeping Position 

Sleeping on the back is considered one of the best ways for good health. When you sleep on your back, it positions your neck and spine in neutral alignment, alleviating your lower back pain. 

However, if you don’t sleep in a comfortable position, it gives you body aches. If you experience this pain while you walk or sit, you may consider sleeping in your most comforting position; it reduces your body aches in the morning. 

Some people consider sleeping on the stomach and it can also be one of the causes of neck and body pain. You can switch to another sleeping position. 

  1. Poor Quality Mattress 

You must take good care of the surface you rest on. Some studies say that a person spends 40% of life sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Such a considerable amount of time spent on the bed directly affects your health. Before purchasing a quality mattress, ensure to get the best mattress for even comfort your body. Every mattress is not an orthopedic mattress

If you are wondering how to get a quality mattress, let us tell you a pro tip. First, it must offer firm support to your body irrespective of your body weight. Secondly, it should be soft enough for your head, shoulders, pelvis, and arms. More soft mattresses give a sinking feeling to your hips that can cause your body aches. You can go for a medium-firm mattress for adequate support for your body. 

  1. Pillows 

Purposefully, pillows support your head to retain the natural curve of your spine. You are often suggested to sleep without pillows for your head, neck, and spine to be in the best position. Using a hard pillow misaligns your neck, giving you sore muscles in the morning. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, try sleeping on the side. Based on your personal preference and comfort, try picking ideal pillows that rejuvenate your mornings. 

  1. Medical Conditions

Inflammation can also cause sleep-related body aches, which some medical conditions may cause. Are you concerned about the body ache facing you in the morning? Consult your doctor to rule out the inflammation-causing conditions. It hurts your sleep every night, bringing more severe diseases with it. 

  1. Lack of Sleep

Does lack of sleep cause body ache? Certainly. Spending more time on electronic devices and escaping from your sleep schedule deprives you of sleep. Consequently, when you go to bed, you may feel rested at a particular time but spend several hours. You experience sore muscles in the morning. 

  1. Obesity 

People with more bodyweight often find it difficult to sleep comfortably. Heavy fat buildup strains your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, leading to after sleeping. Being overweight is temporary; you can switch to a healthier diet or consult your doctor in case of medical issues. It may help you mitigate the body aches and let you enjoy a peaceful slumber. 

SmartGRID Mattress – Solution to Your Wakeful Nights! 

As of now, you are aware of the reasons that cause your neck and body ache. If your mattress is the cause behind your discomforting nights, SmartGRID mattress is the one-stop solution for you. Here is why you should get this quality mattress for you:

  • The Sleep Company has created an advanced mattress combining the TPE material and the GRID technology. It smartly adapts to your body shape and gives intelligent support. 
  • Pampering you the whole night, it offers firm support to your back while giving cushiony comfort to your body. This orthopedic mattress is brilliant for relieving your body pain. 

With many options in the market, the SmartGRID mattresses are India’s first and only GRID technology mattresses that cater to your individual sleeping needs. If you are looking for the best mattress on the market, look no further. Just explore the beautiful mattress collection of The Sleep Company and enjoy a peaceful slumber. 

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