OgyMogy CellPhone Tracker: Explicit List of Best Monitoring Features

OgyMogy CellPhone Tracker

The ogyMogy spy app offers dozens of monitoring features that can be used for employee monitoring and parental control. In case you want to use the app for other than the above-mentioned feature all you need is a written consent form from the involved parties. It is neither legal nor ethically right to monitor a third party without their consent by using spy apps. Though for parental control and employee monitoring written documentation is not necessary.

Here are some of the explicit features offered by the OgyMogy cellphone tracker.

Screen Checks:

The app gives users real-time remote access to the target person’s screen. You can check the teenager’s cellphone or the employee’s work gadget with the help of the screen monitoring feature. Besides the live access, all the screen activities are saved and stored in the form of screenshots and short video recordings. These video recordings can be used in multiple ways in terms of employees as these are real reports of individual employees’ productivity and work style.

Call Log:

The call log feature reports the incoming and outgoing call logs of the target with data and time information.

Call Record:

With a call record app, you can listen to any important call as the recordings are saved for users. The feature can be smartly incorporated into the workplace that are offering hybrid work modes. You can not only listen to calls happening in the office but can even monitor those happening through the employees working from home.

Text Log:

The text log or SMS tracker app saves all the text records for the user.

Camera Bug Feature:

Remote control and front and rear camera of the target device with the camera bug feature. You can know about the target surroundings, company, and much more with the help of this feature. Use it to keep a strict eye on the teenager’s life routine.

Location tracking:

What if I tell you that you can track the real-time location of the target accurately with help of the location tracking feature. Not just that the GPS location tracking feature saves the history of the target movement for the user as well.


Geo-fencing is all about marketing a virtual safe and restricted open in Google Maps for the target person. You can restrict the movement of the teenager or employee by using the feature.

Tinder Monitoring:

Tinder is an app that offers a platform for choosing a partner. In case you are worried about your teenager dating a weirdo or sexual offender you can monitor the Tinder activities with the help of up tinder spy app offered by the OgyMogy cellphone tracker.

Mic Bug:

The Mic bug feature let the user listen to the sounds and voices around the target person. You can know if anyone is bullying your kid or if there is any toxic senior present in the workplace. One can use the feature to virtually attend every meeting in the workplace.

Email Monitoring:

Monitor the sent and received emails along with attachment history details with the email monitoring feature. You can even access the draft folder.


The keylogging feature saves every keypad-related activity for the user. You can track any secret account details, passwords, digital entries, and more as practically keypad is involved in all the gadget activities.

YouTube Screen Monitoring:

Youtube screen monitoring feature is a simple way to access the target streaming history or anything about the private channel. Know what your kid uploads or if the official business account is working well with the help of the Youtube screen monitoring feature.

Access To The Encrypted Photo Gallery:

The OgyMogy cellphone tracker makes it possible for users to access the password encrypted gallery of the target person. You can know about the captured, downloaded and even shared photos and videos.

Social Media Monitoring:

Monitor all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, with features like the Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, and more.

Parents can check their teenagers or minors’ gadgets and lives with the help of the cellphone tracker or monitoring software. On the other hand, the monitoring of employees through the company-owned device is pretty much normal and a replacement of the customer methods that were once used to keep a check on the employees.

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