Oklahoma City, OK’s Best Pediatric Therapist and How They Can Help Your Child

Oklahoma City, OK’s Best Pediatric Therapist and How They Can Help Your Child

Pediatric physical therapy for kids is beneficial both physically and mentally. Therapy helps them become independent and successful with functional mobility and gross motor skills. When children advance in these skills, their confidence increases, which enhances their self-esteem. All parents want their children to be as successful as possible both physically and mentally.

If your child has a developmental delay or has an injury and needs rehabilitation, a physical therapist can help. They can help provide mobility improvement, chronic illness management, disability prevention, pain reduction, and future injury prevention and may even help your child avoid a potential surgery.

A physical therapist uses a treatment plan created just for your child to help with their specific issues. This plan may include some of the below methods.

Help With Balance and Coordination

Your child’s physical therapist may develop specific balance and coordination exercises to help build these skills. These exercises include things like practicing standing on one foot to improve balance. Obstacle courses are a great way to help with coordination while your child has fun building this skill. Obstacle courses also help with learning how to plan movements. During therapy, your child may pick up a new task like riding a bike, which can also help with coordination.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This method is a soft tissue physical therapy that helps improve range of motion, loosen tense muscles and can diminish scar tissue. It can also help move trapped fluid in the tissue that may be causing inflammation and pain in your child.

Strengthening Exercises

Your child may require exercises to increase strength due to low muscle tone. In this case, the therapist may include a game of catching, throwing and kicking a ball to provide a workout for your child’s body. Tug of way is an approach used to help involve the hips and core. Another fun strengthening exercise for your child is walking like different animals. This may include a hopping bunny, a slithering snake, or a walking crab. Animal walking encourages the use of different muscles and positions in the child.

Find the Right PT for Your Child’s Needs

There are many things to consider when looking for a physical therapist for your child. Insurance is an important consideration. Check with your insurance to determine coverage and find the therapists available with your health insurance plan. Find out if the therapist has experience working with children. Also, determine if the therapists you are considering have had ongoing education in the field. 

After your child has had an evaluation, discuss the treatment plan and goals with the therapist. Make sure your goals and expectations for your child match what the therapist is able to provide. It is essential that your child has a connection with the therapist that you choose. You want your child to enjoy their sessions with the therapist, which will help with their success.

A skilled pediatric therapist can help your child with many issues. Find the top physical therapists near Norman, Oklahomaand choose one that best fits your needs.

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