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Before we try to comprehend what conversion optimization is, let us understand what conversion in business means.

Conversion is simply another term for making a sale. Whenever a customer ends up buying from you, it is counted as a conversion.

In online marketing lingo, a conversion is when visitors take the action you want them to take. What do most marketers do to jack up their revenue?

  • Perform targeted SEO to noticeably increase traffic
  • Hire marketing people that are experienced in web design in Yonkers, NY.
  • Buy more ads
  • Offer more products or increase the variety of products.

All these options may sound brilliant – at least to start with. But these dig into your precious time, cost more money, and more resources, and the end result is unpredictable. You will never know if these tactics will work, and if they really do, how far will it go.

Herein lies the wonder of conversion rate. You just optimize whatever resources you have and generate more profit from your existing customers and traffic.

If there are already thousands buying from your online store and far more visiting it online, just imagine what even a 10% increase in conversion rate can do to your business.

So, the answer for you is to optimize the conversion rate to the best extent possible.

To define it clearly, conversion optimization ( or CRO in short) is the art and science of getting people to act once they arrive on your website.

You can also define it in the way Wikipedia puts it, “ In Internet marketing, conversion optimization is a system of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts to customers or more generally takes any desired action on a webpage.” 

What must be the conversion rate optimization strategies that you must adopt?

There are several activities that can boost your CRO. Here are a few key ones.

Persona research

Buyer personas are part fictitious representations of your ideal customers based on research. These help you in focusing your time on only qualified prospects, assist in product development and suit the needs of target customers.

Personas are vital because they influence how you design the website, the type of content you share, and the keywords you use for SEO purposes.

This method works as follows.

  • Choose a webpage on your website.
  • Make a copy of it and leave one (say A) as it is.
  • On the other one (say B), make a change like headlines, website design, colors, buttons, font size, call-to-action, and more.

Direct half the traffic each to Copy A and Copy B. Analyze results. The exercise is an experiment and will let you know how and where to improve.

Customer value proposition

Let your visitors know what added value you bring to your customers through your brand/ service. It is important that you answer the following questions.

  • What is your key selling proposition, or why should I buy from you
  • What problems of mine will get resolved if I buy from you?

If you feel overwhelmed by the very thought of performing conversion optimization, no need to fret. You have conversion optimization experts in Stony Brook, NY.

A good Long Island marketing agency can offer tailored solutions for you.

Or you can look for a web design company near me. They may have the expertise to design and implement the most robust conversion rate optimization strategies for your business. Hadlines

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