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The days are getting longer and the temperatures are gradually rising… It then becomes inevitable for every fashionista to put Summer Outfit trends under their radar. And let it be said, summer is the perfect time to experiment with more daring, frivolous and sunny looks. With light and colorful fashion pieces invading our seasonal wardrobes, perfecting your vision and smiling at life is easier than ever!

However, exchanging a few tips between girls remains a mandatory condition for finding the necessary inspiration and feeding your mind with new ideas. Especially after this long period when we were in pajama mode every day. So if that tells you, today we are reviewing the coolest outfits to afford this season. Let’s go!

We put ourselves in summer mode by adapting our dressing room to the whims of the weather

Summer Shorts Outfit

The essential pieces for a successful 2022 summer outfit. Like every year, the beautiful season brings us a rich enchantment of colors, shapes and comfortable materials. Among the stars of the summer, we find again long skirts, bohemian maxi dresses, modern tops and t-shirts to combine with our favorite shorts…

Accessories and details: we welcome with open arms the ruffles, the lacing , lace, floral patterns, Balinese bags and fringed jewelry. Need to renew your arsenal of clothing items? Contemporary boutiques like Cherry Flower are a good place to start. And now, without wasting time, we share with you our favorite outfits to sting this summer.

Look No.1 / Bohemian outfit with long summer dress for a getaway in natureWhat does the ideal weekend represent for you?

off the shoulder sweater

A long walk on the beach or perhaps a spontaneous picnic in the heart of the green meadows? Whatever the location, if nature is calling you and you love feeling free, carried away by the gentle wind and caressed by the rays of the sun, there is nothing cooler than opting for an outfit in harmony with his feelings. On this point, the long bohemian dress turns out to be the best faithful ally. Light, fluid, split or belted, it has the power to mark the shapes of the female body in the most natural and sensual way. Its greatest asset? It doesn’t even need to be accessorized. Perfectly embodying comfort and a rebellious spirit, you can wear it barefoot in the sand or in the grass. Alternatively, a pair of gladiator sandals will also do the job.

Outfit No.2 / Romantic casual look with top and jeans for a city outing

Jeans are an essential part of our wardrobes all year round. In classic version or in the form of shorts, we wear it with the same ease in summer. For a trip to the sea, a night out in town or a dance party, you only need your favorite pair. Then, just put on a top, preferably with an exceptional design. And fortunately, this year, we really have the embarrassment of choices on it. Here are some ideas for an impressive outfit, even at the last minute. Soft and magical vision for a walk by the sea: a top with puffed sleeves and bare shoulders in white with light slim jeans. Captivating and radiant look for a dance party : a brightly colored tank top with lace details, effortlessly combined with ripped cropped shorts. Feminine and romantic outfit for a night out on the town: a white floral button-up crop top with a pair of dark jeans for an intriguing contrast.

Outfit No.3 / Stylish vision with elegant jumpsuit for special occasion

Black and White Summer Outfit

When it comes to a special occasion, dresses are arguably the go-to solution when it comes to proper attire. However, there is another alternative that we are falling for this summer. We are talking about the jumpsuit here! An original Summer clothing option to stand out with an out-of-the-ordinary Summer look. Among the trendy models of 2022, pieces in nude colors such as sand or pale pink are a fantastic option. To add the finishing touch to her elegant and chic vision, consider a pair of thin heels, a bracelet or delicate hoops. Apart from the neutral design, pastel shades, graphic or floral patterns are another suitable suggestion especially for a Summer daytime ceremony.

4. The Little White Dress

Just as in winter a good black dress will get you out of trouble to attend a cocktail, a white dress this season is essential for an event in which you want to look regal. I’m not talking about just any white dress, like beach dresses, no. I mean one that fits you well, that fits you perfectly, that you know you can always turn to and put many combinations of accessories on it and thus transform your look every time you wear it as if it were a different dress. That, that’s a good little white dress.

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