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There is no doubt that Damascus is a high-quality knife that can serve the owner for many years, there is no doubt. This has been convincingly proven by the experience of the corporation for more than a century. However, any knife requires care, which is the key to its performance and durability. Damascus knives are no exception, so it’s worth learning more about what are the specifics of caring for these knives.

Caring for a knife comes down to keeping each of its parts in good condition. For Damascus, there are three such details. This is a blade, a handle, and a lock (very small keychain knives are not equipped with locks).

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Perhaps the most important detail is, nevertheless, the blade. Damascus uses two types of steel for its production. The first one is carbon alloy. This type of steel was the first to be used since, in the first decades of the company’s work, stainless steel simply did not exist yet. Alloys with a high carbon content are characterized by high hardness and good sharpening properties. 

Knives made of this metal are better suited for work with high loads, so high-carbon alloys are still in demand. However, the owners of such knives should remember that the blade must be wiped dry after each use, and if products containing acid were cut with a knife, then it must be rinsed first.

The second option is stainless steel

It tolerates the influence of almost all active substances much better, but this does not mean that steel does not rust at all. If the knife is left in dampness for a long time, a rust coating can damage it as well. And besides, the quality of the metal is reduced under the influence of salts and acids.

The general recommendation for blade steel 

The general recommendation for blade steel care is to keep it dry and clean. Additionally, it would be nice to lubricate the blade with oil: even ordinary vegetable oil is suitable for this purpose. If unwanted plaque has already appeared on the metal, you can remove it by walking along the surface with a dishwashing sponge or soft sandpaper. After removing all traces, rinse the knife in warm water, wipe dry, and also oil.

The knives will need to be sharpened periodically.

In addition, the knives will need to be sharpened periodically. For this, both manual models of sharpeners and more professional machines are suitable. Sharpening smooth blades does not require much effort and skill, since the steel used by Damascus is easy to process. Models with a combined sharpening (serrated section on the blade) will require a more careful approach and the use of sharpeners specially designed for such work.

The handles of this brand of knives

The handles of this brand of knives are made of wood or plastic. Moreover, the first option is much more common. If the handle is made of plastic, it practically does not require maintenance, because those varieties are used that are protected from fading, and temperature changes, and do not absorb water. Such handles are often placed on outdoor knives used in difficult conditions. However, wood was and remains a classic. Many of its species are used for Damascus knives: beech, hornbeam, cherry, buying another. 

The wood is carefully sanded and impregnated with oil to be less susceptible to water. Some handles are additionally painted. And yet you should protect knives with wooden handles from prolonged exposure to water. Otherwise, the wood may swell and deform, which will lead to jamming of the folding mechanism. In this case, wait until it dries again and perhaps this will be enough. If not, then you will have to make some physical effort.

The knife locked.

Finally, the knife locked. This is a very simple mechanism that acts like a clutch. To make the lock turn easily, it should also be periodically lubricated with oil, removing excess with a napkin. Do not attempt to turn the knife clutch with a wet handle. In this case, you must wait for it to dry.

If you follow these simple rules, the Damascus knife will serve you for many years and perform its functions properly.

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