Planning a Road Trip to Pakistan? These Are the Restaurants and Dhabas You Must Try

Roadside shacks, more commonly known as dhabas, are roadside restaurants in Pakistan that offer all-you-can-eat food in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Simple food defines the experience of dining at these roadside restaurants in abundance all over Pakistan, and nothing beats the simplicity of these unassuming roadside restaurants. Click here to see the best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

Here we list a few of those found in Pakistan.

1. Mian Gee Restaurant:

Established in 1982, Mian Gee serves a special chai on the roadside of GT Road in Lalamusa, with a menu that has remained the same since its inception. The specialty of this roadside restaurant is the chanay ki daal prepared using desi ghee, as well as two other flavors now on offer; chicken daal and mutton daal.

2. Sukkur, Piyala Hotel and Restaurant at Rohri bypass:

Located on the Rohri bypass in Sukkur and serving refreshments for those on a long journey. This hotel is recommended by road trip enthusiasts.

3. Kabul Restaurant, Islamabad:

Located in F7, known as a meat lover’s paradise, this restaurant has been serving incredible Afghan cuisine since 1989. The food offered on the menu is very limited but of extremely high quality. The dishes are high in flavor, but not overwhelmingly spicy. Therefore, Savory tikkas, beef cubes, and all other items on the menu are served after they are cooked to perfection. The restaurant also offers amazing Kabuli pulao served with a generous serving of beef, carrots, and raisins. Food is also reasonably priced so it caters to all income groups with an average price of 300 to 500 PKR per person.

4. Mushtharka Quetta Balochistan Hotel:

Best known for serving mutton and chicken roasts, this roadside restaurant is also best known for serving desi breakfasts for those who prefer local cuisine. The restaurant has an extensive menu with items such as Ginger Naan, Garlic Naan and Sajji.

5. Tin Khan Chapli Kabab House in Abbottabad:

*We couldn’t find any images for Kalay Khan Chapli Kabab House.

This restaurant with the best barbecue in Abbottabad serves the best item on the menu, veal tikka. Therefore, the tikkas are served on a skewer and marinated perfectly. The venue does not offer luxury seating but is kept very clean and simple. A must-try for those traveling on the road.

6. Namak Mandi:

Founded in 1980 in Saddar, Rawalpindi; This restaurant offers authentic savory dishes that include namkeen karahi, lamb call tikka, lamb karahi, and tikka depending on the size of the lamb. The menu also includes barbecue dishes from Punjab, and their chapli kebabs and kabli pulao are two of their bestsellers.

7. Shahbaz tikka shop:

Located in G.T. Way down the road in Gujranwala, this eatery offers you BBQ, tikka of all kinds, and the highest quality karahi gosht as well as a variety of other specialties from Gujranwala.

8. Sindh Green Hotel, Larkana:

Known for its excellent accommodation, this hotel also offers one of the best menus for those on a road trip through Sindh.

9. Bhatti:

Again, no images were found for this restaurant near G.T Road Gujranwala. Which provides the best white quorma that has become quite a delicacy.

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