Rigid packaging boxes: industry specialists’ advice you can’t avoid in 2022

rigid boxes

Whatever you’re selling, your box packaging must effectively communicate with your audience. Therefore, it is important to devote some time to considering the colors you want to choose, the ideal fonts to use, and the size and positioning of your logo.

Remember that usability should be taken into account when designing. While it’s important to have attractive rigid packaging, you also don’t want your clients to experience difficulties opening the package.

If done correctly, attractive and useful packaging design can boost your sales. Let’s get right to it and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your packaging design in 2022

Secure Your Products

While environmentally friendly rigid packaging benefits the environment, the products must first be protected. Depending on your product’s characteristics, you need to design your packaging that can secure your goods.

To protect the contents from being crushed, delicate things like freshly baked bread may need substantial outside packaging. Air cushions and multiple packing layers are two possibilities to consider for safeguarding your products from damage.

Create Recognizable Rigid Boxes

Customers must be able to identify your product and its category by looking at the package. Making the visuals or packaging design too similar to another product could lead to misunderstanding.

The packaging must also promote brand recognition. Comparing products with consistent branding to those without enhances a product’s value by 20%.

For example, Spice cologne had a glass bottle for many years. The company resorted to plastic containers to minimize package weight and prevent breaking. However, customers did not like the modification. The plastic was no longer consistent with the fragrance’s dated branding. Some compared the change to boxed wine, which led to a severe decrease in their sales.

Avoid Generic Designs

Generic or standardized packaging is easily identifiable.

The fit is not perfect, and it is quite challenging to stand out from the competition. It is probably adopting comparable, if not identical rigid box wholesale packaging methods to yours.

Avoiding generic designs and making your packaging attractive enough to captivate your clients is necessary because the packaging is a powerful communication tool for brands.

Your products would probably struggle to compete in the market without distinctive packaging representing your brand. Customers are looking for genuine connections with brands and are drawn to packaging designs with compelling narratives.

First impressions count for a lot; therefore, if you want to stand out in your sector, customize your packaging with your target market in mind.

Avoid Mistakes in Spelling

Spelling and grammar errors make businesses look bad and can cost your company a lot of money in custom rigid boxes recalls and replacement costs.

Such errors diminish the professionalism and attention to detail associated with your brand, which ultimately reflects poorly on it.

Communication that is clear and concise is essential, especially when it comes to packaging design. It strengthens the relationship with customers by fostering trust and dependability.

To ensure consistency throughout your branding, order samples of your packaging and thoroughly review every aspect of your design with the help of a team. This will help you catch any minute spelling or vocabulary errors.

Unreadable Text

If buyers can’t understand the writing on your custom rigid packaging or labels, there’s little use in including it. Text helps inform your consumers of important details and benefits.

Building brand trust and reliability involves communicating ingredients, best-by dates, or any hazards. Your product can become unusable, and customers may find it harder to trust your brand if important instructions and details are printed in extremely small print or difficult-to-read fonts.

When planning the layout of your custom boxes, consider the printing process, fonts, weights, and sizes to ensure everything is readable.

Use contrasting colors like white when printing on dark backgrounds to ensure your text is visible and distinct, and vice versa.

Final Advice, The Size of Your Rigid Box

Getting the box measurements correct is crucial for two reasons.

  • Security
  • Waste minimization

The closest fit is desired when determining box dimensions for a product since it will offer the greatest level of protection. Less space for jostling means a lower risk of product damage.

Customers may see how much thought your brand puts into the unboxing process by seeing how neatly your product fits its package. Large packaging wastes space and money by giving consumers a misleading impression of the size of the goods.

Instead of the other way around, your product’s packaging should be designed to fit it.

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