Should I Install a New Roof During Winter?

Know whether you can install a roof at the home during the winter chill and understand the difficulties.

The roof of the home is often ignored and that is the structure, which continues to throw up surprises. You ignore it because it is doing the core job of protecting the living space from the wrath of nature. The structure is at an altitude and does not interfere with everyday life. It can come as a shock if, during the wintertime, you glance through the paper and it indicates that the life span of the roof has expired. It is risky to live under a roof, where the lifespan has expired. Should I install a new roof during winter? When you speak to people who know something about roofing, most of them will tell you that the winter weather is never ideal to install a new roof. 

What makes roof installation complicated during winter

There could be plenty of reasons for experts to suggest that you must not replace the roof during winters. The weather is not at its best and that is never the ideal time to replace the roof of your home. Here are some technical reasons why a roof replacement during the winters is discouraged.  

· An asphalt shingle roof must be installed in temperatures of more than 40 degrees. If the installation takes place in temperatures below then there is always the scope of breakages. The risk arises when they are being nailed down and that is the moment they may break. 

· The professional roof installers will tell you that most roofing materials resort to using an adhesive at the time of installation. However, the bond requires some heat during the fastening process. This is where you will fall short during the winter months. 

· One should also note that the functioning of various roofing tools is impacted during the colder months. The compressors and nail guns will not work properly during the winter months. The moment there is compression and air are released, it turns into water.  

These are some reasons why roofing installation is discouraged during the winter months. The general suggestion will be to get the installation during the summers.

What are the benefits of doing a roof installation during winter

There are certainly some advantages of installing a roof during the winters. Everything cannot be bad and there are surely some positives to this scenario. The first positive of planning a roof installation during winters is the stable temperature. One should note that warmer air and humidity may also lead to sudden rainstorms. A surprise rainstorm can be worse than all these problems discussed above and there is simply no chance of any such developments during winters. A surprise rainstorm has the potential to create water damage in the living area if the roofing professional has not taken adequate measures. One should note that this is the off-season for roofing companies. The experienced roofers will do quality work and offer a discount on the bill.  

Should I replace the roof during winter? 

Yes, you can certainly consider replacing the roof during the wintertime. However, the key will be to select an experienced roofer. There could be problems but an experienced roofer will know how to tackle these scenarios. The fix will happen during the winters but it might take a slightly longer time.  


We have discussed extensively whether you can replace the roof during winter or not. The key will be to get the job done by an experienced roofer. You can fall back upon Hall Roofing contractors here in Hermosa Beach. They will do a flawless roof replacement job at your home even during the winters. The work will be smooth and of the best quality as they take the necessary precautions.

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