Should I insulate aluminium ute canopy

Should I insulate aluminium ute canopy

There are so many reasons to install aluminium ute canopy on your truck. Maybe you are an avid camper and planning to spend a day in the middle of nature! Maybe you are on a road trip and have to take a rest in between pit-stops and you prefer saving money by staying inside your canopy. It might get way too hot during unwanted summer months, especially when the scorching sun rays are on top of your head.

If you want to keep the inside of your UTE canopy cool and don’t want the hampering sun rays to harm you much, insulating the inside of the canopy is a good call. Now the real question is how to do it. There are different types of insulation forms and other methods you can give out a try! With proper insulation, you can even put a mini fridge inside the canopy to help make this trip more enjoyable!

Use of self adhesive insulation foam

By paying a few dollars, you can get yourself self adhesive insulation foam from reputed online stores. Once purchased, you can cut down the size based on the interior and then make the right placement done.

·         These are made using closed cell polyethylene foam of greater quality.

·         Then you have an aluminium foil face as double protection from the harsh heat of summer months.

·         Thanks to the self-adhesive feature, placing these foams inside the UTE canopy won’t be tricky at all and you won’t need screws and hammers for the same.

·         Depending on the coolness you want inside the canopy, the thickness of the foam varies. On an average, 10mm thickness is the ideal choice to make.

·         Most of these foams are around 1000mm wide. These are widely sold online and as per metre off the roll.

·         Whenever you order for over one metre, the foam will get supplied in continuous length and not in just one metre long strip.

The foam inside the aluminium ute canopy is pretty light in weight and won’t hold water. So, you will remain protected even if you accidentally spilled some water inside the canopy. Then the foam is also known to be quite promising in times of smoke and fire behaviour. Each side will have an adhesive and reinforced aluminium foil on the other end.

So, next time you are looking for premium quality insulation products to be placed inside aluminium ute canopy, visit Ozi4*4 for some quality items.

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