Should you Use Money Plants for Positivity in Home Interiors?

Should you Use Money Plants for Positivity in Home Interiors

Decking up the home interior with indoor plants is in trend these days. Money plant is a popular category. These plants are easy to maintain but can add a décor element to your home.

These plants suppose to bring luck and positivity inside the home. It may leave a positive impact on the finances. You have a chance to grow it despite keeping a small pot.

Propagating it is effortless. Money plants are indoor-friendly. Therefore, you can get it to your home without any hesitation.

You might have seen wide-scale use of these plants for home décor purposes if you are following other famous home décor enthusiasts on various social media platforms.

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First, check if your home interior can provide the required environment for the growth of these plants. After that, keep adding a new one as per convenience.

You can have a thorough description of money plants in this guest post. Discover unique facts about these plants by taking a look at this guest post.

Why these plants are a perfect addition for indoors?

These plants demand the least attention from your side as it grows on their own. You need to water this plant once in a while. Don’t overwater the plant.

You should not water the plant when the soil is already wet. You must restrict fertilizer application to spring and summer only.

To ensure even growth, keep rotating the plant. Place it under the sun for some time. Don’t let it scorch under the sun.

Give this plant a good bath. It will help to remove the dust that accumulates on the leaf surfaces.

Benefits of keeping this plant

·        It eliminates the radiation from your home

Your home has different types of electronic devices that emit harmful radiation. These plants are capable of sucking up such radiations to make your home a happy place. Place it near the devices for best results.

·        It helps in controlling stress

This plant shows effective results in controlling stress and anxiety. You should keep it in any sharp corner to avail its benefits. If you are struggling with sleep problems or facing issues in the relationship, you can keep it inside the bedroom.

  • It can bring financial fortune

As the name suggests, this plant is beneficial for financial growth. It eliminates the negativity from inside the home and welcomes the positive energy. For this reason, you can keep this plant in your home to overcome the financial hurdles.

Automatically, it will attract good fortune and prosperity. Don’t place this plant outside your home. It should be placed inside your room if you want to add multiple income streams.

Do these plants symbolize luck?

It is a well-known fact about these plants. It is behind the popularity of money plants. People bring this plant home so that it can attract luck and prosperity.

But there is no solid evidence proving this point. You will come across many myths about this plant. Besides all these, you can easily spot diverse tips regarding the placement of the plant to bring luck to your life.

You can try these tips to figure out if at all luck is favouring you. However, you can place this plant in your living room to include a green element. The green colour will give a refreshing feeling to the eye, and it will automatically leave a feel-good factor.

How can you take care of money plants?

It is a form of houseplant. Thus, it requires less care to be thriving. It makes for a perfect gift option for housewarming occasions or during surprise visits to a new friend’s home.

There are basic facts about caring for these plants you must note and share if you gift them to someone.


Money plants need indirect bright sunlight. Daylight is favourable for its growth. But avoid putting in direct sunlight.

Shade is also indispensable to help it grow. So, keep it around other plants inside your home. This plant can manage in a place where light is not adequate. But in that case, it will grow slowly.


Moisture is vital for this plant as the indirect sunlight. Regular misting the plant will help in maintaining a humid environment around it. It also ensures keeping the plant clean.

You can even place this plant in a room with a humidifier.

Dry roots

Don’t water it regularly. The roots of these plants should be kept dry. You must understand one thing money plants need wet leaves and dry roots.

Pot it in a container which has a drainage hole. Use perfect potting soil while planting it. Don’t forget to add pebbles beneath the soil and at the bottom to prevent the money plant from soaking up excessive water.


Prepare the soil by using fertilizer. It will be beneficial for potting the plant. You must remember to use liquid fertilizer when it is the growing season for this plant. Avoid fertilizing the plant when the weather is cold.

Re-pot it regularly

This plant grows faster. It results in tangling up of roots that retards the plant’s growth. For this reason, it needs regular re-potting to ensure the proper spreading of the roots.

Keep it fungus free

If the soil near the plant is wet, the fungus will grow. On the flip side, dry soil favours the nesting of spider mites. Spray neem oil regularly. It will be as a usual repellent for different types of pests or bugs.

Get rid of unwanted branches

New branches add up too fast in the early growing stage. Get rid of them as soon as possible, or else the plant will not receive adequate sunlight.

The bottom line

You can use a money plant to create a green corner at your home. But despite being a low maintenance plant, your attention is a must for it. Don’t think that it can grow without an adequate environment. Ensure to provide the requisites for its growth.

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