Slat wall Accessories – Ways to display your wares

So slatwall can be used with a huge number of different products – to be honest – practically anything. However, it’s not much use if you don’t know exactly what accessories you can buy for your slats to display your products. That’s why this article introduces the various accessories you can buy to make your store and its products look their best.

Let’s start with the cards. If you’re looking for a great way to display greeting cards and make the most of your wall space, slat wall Perspex card racks are available. Whether you choose the small or larger version, you can line up cards without the need for a large floor unit, and the space underneath is great for keeping excess supplies tidy. You can even invest in a few small drawers to store extra items, allowing your staff to restock the shelves with minimal effort.

Moving on, let’s look at picture displays:

Whether in an art shop or art supply store, one of the most appealing ways to display pictures is to frame and hang them on the wall. It’s probably just as easy to store them on a large rack on the floor for customers to browse, but once the picture is framed and displayed; people can visualize it in their own home and may be more inclined. to make a purchase. All you need is a small metal hook that easily attaches to the slatted wall.

In addition, the slatwall can even be used to display mobile phones. You can purchase both individual screen models, which also have a sleeping place suitable for a mobile phone, as well as a screen map that provides information about the phone. This way, you can create an attractive display on your slatted wall, making it easy for customers to browse your range of phones at their leisure. It’s also a great way to make sales in commission-based stores, because salespeople can gauge people’s interest as they look around. That’s why a simple accessory can be a great way to help your retail business make more money.

Just look at the pick and mix boxes to prove the versatility of the bar and its accessories.

Pic and mix sauces can be used in department stores, sweet shops or even cinemas. They’re transparent so it’s easy to see exactly what each box offers, and they can be switched off the floor to fittings so they’re easy to place and stack off the floor. As simple as it sounds, display cases are a loud and clear way to make a modest selection of sweets even more appealing to people who might otherwise just walk by.

Tips for using Slatwall

Slatwall is probably the best thing to ever happen to the world of retail equipment. It saves retail store and boutique owners more time, money and space than any other type of fixture on the market. Customization is easy. Adding inventory is fast. Creating interesting displays that attract the attention of passing and shopping customers is easier than ever. Slatwall can even help you control more shoplifting opportunities in your store or boutique. Here we have compiled some of the most popular ways to use a louvered display system. Use these tips to create a better environment in your store.

Slatwall is known for its versatility.

Want to add these new designer jeans to your already stocked store? No problem! Simply move the slat accessories to accommodate new arrivals in your wall. Do you feel like it’s getting a little tight? This is not a problem if you have hanging bars that allow you to rotate some items vertically. Do you want to show something that is particularly interesting or profitable for you? For hanging mannequin forms and accessories, it’s easy.

In addition to its versatility, slatwall offers you many ways to display items. You can coordinate clothing and accessories in one area. If you can create an effective display on the wall, you don’t need to buy several space-stealing clothes racks on the floor. You can display accessories and several outfits that would look good together in one area. This helps people get good ideas on how to mix and match when creating accessories.

Have you ever thought that you would sell more if only people could see it?

 You can only display so many things in the front window. wall storage systems  panels can be installed almost anywhere. You can bring these hidden items out into the open by hanging them on the wall instead of stuffing them in a shelf. Elevating things can attract a lot of attention. People just passing by can’t help but see your display items. In addition, placing things on a higher wall helps reduce the load on the sales floor, freeing up the way for more complex displays. Higher priced items are less likely to be stolen because customers have to ask an associate to give them the appropriate size.

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