Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses in 2020 For Better Content

Social Media Post Ideas

The average business posts to social media three to five times per week. That’s anywhere from 12 to 20 posts per month, or 144 to 240 posts per year! So how can your business come up with enough social media post ideas to keep your feeds engaging and fresh for your audience? Use revolving content buckets—or the categories of content you publish—to keep your feed fresh. Here are some social media post ideas and other strategies to get your creative juices flowing.

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Our Top Social Media Post Ideas For Better Content in 2020

1. Company Updates and Events

Do you post to your social media profiles when you throw an event, host a well-known influencer for the day, or organize a volunteer activity for your employees? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build your brand reputation and integrate authentic, real content into your social media channels.

While it may seem obvious to tell your customers about the latest news and happenings at your business, explore creative and funny ways to tell your story on social media. Try candid pictures of employees instead of posed, include quotes and jokes, or add to your story and take live video instead of a normal post. The photo below, for instance, is a promo of a speaking event we attended. We followed it up with live Instagram Stories and uploaded photos to our feed to cover the event. Here are some more tips to come up with creative social media content ideas on Instagram.

Social media marketing for businesses in 2020

2. #TBT, #TGIF, and Other Weekly Hashtags

While there are always the tried-and-true, popular weekly hashtags, the competition for these is insanely high. For instance, #TGIF has over 35 million users, and if your brand doesn’t have a substantial following and huge engagement on posts, you won’t ever rank for hashtags like these.

We recommend you create content around popular weekly hashtags, but use smaller long tail niche hashtags when you write your post. That way, you’ll piggy back on trending customer moods and topics and show up in their feeds. Also, get creative with these tags. No matter what your business does, there is probably a weekly hashtag associated with it. If a hashtag doesn’t exist already, make up your own! Just make sure you stay clear of banned hashtags.

Social media post ideas for Instagram

3. Silly Days of the Year

Just about every subject you can fathom has a day dedicated to it. While we aren’t convinced that many people actually celebrate “National Men Cook Dinner Day” (hello antiquation) or “National Eat Your Beans Day” (mmm…beans!), these dates can make for really humorous and engaging social media visuals and posts.

Think about how you can tie in a trending holiday with your content. If they’re relevant to your business or audience, your followers are sure to love these posts. We personally enjoyed celebrating Canadian Tuxedo Day, National Donut Day, and Galentine’s Day this year, but those are just our priorities…

Social media post ideas for 2020 Instagram marketing

4. Monthly Observances and Holidays

Weekly hashtags and “days of the year” provide a chance for your business to produce whimsical social media posts. Just make sure you tie in education and promotion to the event so your post doesn’t seem off-brand. For instance, we 100% celebrate International Women’s Day as a 100% women owned marketing agency. That makes sense to our audience and our core mission and values.

Social media post ideas for businesses

5. Industry News

Your followers have an interest in your products/services and industry—whether that’s sustainability, health and wellness including nutritional supplements, or another niche. Use your social media profile to educate your audience about news and updates in your particular industry—facts and insight they’ll find useful in their everyday lives. Sharing industry news and events establishes you as a thought-leader. So in addition to customers coming to you to buy goods or services, they’ll come to your website and social media channels for information too. That’s huge for reputation and customer relationship building. All good things.

Social media post ideas for Facebook marketing

6. Adorable Things

The content that performs the best on social media (no matter your industry) features pets, children, and authentic moments you have at your company. In other words, things that make you go “awwww!” or feel like it’s an actual person posting instead of a money-grubbing business.

Give a shout out to the “cutest office furbaby” each month, letting employees submit the best pics of their pooch or kitty. Capture candid family moments at the company picnic. Anything that adds a human, relatable element to your feed will do swimmingly.

Instagram social media marketing strategy

7. Inspirational Quotes and Fun Facts

It’s easy to draw your audience in with an enlightening quote or fact from your business mentor, a personal hero, or…mom. It’s also a great way to add dimension and personality to your feeds. Spice up quotes and make each stand out with design programs like Canva. You can also experiment with pre-made templates if graphic design isn’t your strong suit. Not everyone is Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a professional-looking post.

Instagram post ideas

8. Ideas from Your Competition

We are by no means telling you to copy another business’s Instagram feed or social media channels. Never do that! However, it may behoove you to review your competitors’ social media presence, glean inspiration, and create better versions of their content.

For instance, if you have a dental practice, follow the lead of these dentists rocking it on Instagram. If you’re an attorney, here are some top lawyer Instagram accounts that stand out from the rest. We have even more advice for CBD companies, plastic surgeons, and other industries too. Get in touch if you need a custom content strategy.

9. User-Generated Content

Your followers and customers love to feel loved. What better way to do that than by using user-generated content to spotlight passionate customers? According to Hubspot, 50 percent of customers say they’re more likely to buy something through a business’s social media profile if they see user-generated content. Try showing off your customers (by tagging them of course,  crediting their photo, and asking permission) to see if this increases trust in your brand, engagement with your posts, and conversion from your social media accounts.

Tips to Produce Better Social Media Content in 2020

1. Make a Content Calendar

We can’t stress the importance of a content calendar enough! It will help you make content part of your routine and publish posts on a regular schedule. You can use the content buckets above to populate your calendar with ideas, so then all you need to do is write content, resize images or create designs, and schedule. It always helps to look at your week, month, or year at a glance so you don’t miss an opportunity to take part in the digital conversation.

2. Set a Social Media Budget

Every business needs to set aside a social media marketing budget to stay relevant in your industry. You don’t need to have thousands per month to do this. Just make sure you put a reasonable amount of money into your social platforms—enough that allows you to post at least three times per week for every social channel you maintain.

3. Prioritize Social Media Channels

Not all businesses need to be on every single social media channel. Determine your demographic and use the social media channels that overlap with that audience. For instance, if you market to an older crowd, you probably don’t need to be on TikTok. You may find more traction with Facebook or Pinterest. We always say less is more. Instead of watering down your social media strategy, focus on one social channel at a time so it’s top-notch. Then, bring in others as budget and (wo)man power allows.

3. Use a Scheduling Platform

Nothing looks worse than a business’s poorly maintained social media profile. You know, the ones that have one post from May 2016, three in 2018, and then a flurry a few months prior to when you visit the page. Social media scheduling platforms help you streamline your social media management workflow. If you want to try a social media scheduling platform like Planoly for Instagram and Facebook, they’re pretty affordable—usually under $30 per month for each tool. We highly recommend these tools to maintain your social media publishing schedule and keep content fresh for your audience.

4. Hire a Team

Social media marketing takes time. In fact, we find most companies spend 40 hours per month on theirs. To execute a social media marketing strategy well, you need to have a team in place to help. It’s important to determine if you’re ready to hire a social media marketing agency and/or launch a social media marketing initiative. If you are, here’s some advice to help you decide if you should bring on a social media manager internally or hire outside help.

5. Drive More Traffic With Paid Social Media Ads

Social media advertising drives tons of traffic to your social media profiles. Ads ensure all the hard work, time, and money you invest into your organic posts pays off! Here are some more reasons why your content strategy should include social media advertising in 2020.

Great social media marketing begins with awesome social media post ideas. Use these tips and ideas above to improve your social media feeds in 2020! We’re always here to help if you need it.

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