Statistics On Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles In Wisconsin.

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Accidents occur almost every minute across the globe. However, regardless of the causes and triggers of such accidents, these tend to differ depending on the area in question. This article explores the statistics of Motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin. There are specific traits and trends of these accidents in the region. Keep reading to uncover more.

State of the Road in Wisconsin

Like any other place in the world, motor vehicle crashes in Wisconsin are inevitable. According to expert findings, it is said that the area experiences at least 540 fatal crashes from the overall 23,747 injury-causing accidents. This makes this area one of the leading car accident statistics since only 23 other states seem to have more disturbing findings than Wisconsin.

The information has been gathered by the relevant authorities using different tools and resources to develop credible statistical details and findings. Most of these crashes can be attributed to other things. Top on this list include:

  1. Deer-triggered crashes account for 16,547 accidents
  2. Speeding causes about 15,995 crashes
  3. Alcohol or driving under the influence (DUI) triggers about 6,050 accidents
  4. Drugs which is responsible for an average of 2,250 crashes

These statistics translate to about 65 families in Wisconsin being affected by these crashes annually. Consequently, these victims spend not less than $8 million on recovery and treatment of these injuries annually. This is a huge hit for most of the victims, especially if you consider that some of the accidents are avoidable.

The good news is that victims can file for compensation to avoid shouldering the burden of recovering after such an ordeal. It is never a cheap affair; therefore, any relief from the negligent party or insurance company can significantly help. Consequently, it matters when victims react to get the matter arrested in good time.

It is essential to ensure that you file for a personal injury claim to get the relevant support you need. This means hiring the right attorney as fast as possible. As a family that finds itself part of the accident statistics, it helps to know when and which lawyer to call to kickstart the compensation process.

What to Do When a Deer Causes an Accident?

In most cases, the driver’s vehicle is. Deer is a natural part of Winsconsin, with over 800,000 roaming freely in the wild. The population is so large that it is impossible to ignore. A trusted local journal believes that a deer-triggered accident has occurred in Winsconsin at least once in the past four years. This is not something you can easily ignore since the impact of deers on motor accidents seems quite a significant challenge.

Before having insurance covers, car owners who found themselves in such unfortunate events had to spend between $2,500 and $6,000 to repair their vehicles after such crashes. This goes to show that such a crash is indeed something significant.

Drivers in this area have one out of 72 chances. This is no small change and should not be taken for granted. Deers can cause severe damage and risk as far as motor accidents are concerned. It has been reported that deers have caused 300 injury-related issues and seven fatalities in a year.

In most cases, the driver’s vehicle is often left unnoticeable. Common damage includes a front grill, radiator, windshield, and hood. However, the repairs may go beyond that since some realignment must be done, including replacing cameras and sensors and resetting airbags.

Accidents Caused by Reckless Driving

Besides accidents triggered by deers, there is also the case of reckless driving. This is often the issue of aggressive driving, which can be fatal. Some of the reckless driving traits include:

  • Over speeding which accounts for about 17.25
  • Driving under substance influence accounts for 10.1%
  • Failing to yield accounting for 7.3%
  • Failing to keep lanes accounting for 6.6%

Stakeholders have reported an increase in several accidents triggered by these causes, citing them as an increase in public safety crises. Besides those mentioned above, other causes of road accidents include:

  • Road rage
  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to observe traffic signals and signs

The relevant transportation department in this area describes distracted driving as other activities that may take the driver’s attention from the task. This could be as simple as talking on the phone or other serious activities that could interfere with the driver’s ability to focus and concentrate on the road. One thing you ought to know is that distracted driving is not only dangerous but also illegal and could attract legal fines since it is all about risking other people’s lives.

While the entire country may have witnessed a decrease in accidents, Wisconsin seems to have a 14 percent increase. This is attributed to reckless behaviors, which heighten the possibility of these accidents.

Speeding as one of the reckless behaviors accounts for one-third of all motor vehicle accidents in the area. This means it is such a big issue. The issue of driving under the influence of alcohol comes close to this. Accidents triggered by driving high on drugs have also been reported to have increased over time.

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin is one of the areas that have several accidents triggered by different factors. Knowing how to react in such times and asking for your due compensation helps matters. Get in touch with a lawyer as fast as you possibly can.

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