Steps and Features to Develop On-Demand Healthcare Solution

Are you still waiting in a line for an appointment with the doctor? Things have drastically changed over the past year, following the pandemic’s outbreak. The necessity to stay away from the hospital and remain at home in the maximum extent is possible, has drastically changed the system of healthcare. Within a year, many online appointment scheduling services for doctors have been developed to facilitate the process of getting healthcare and treatment.

From the comfort of your at-home, patients can make an appointment with a doctor and also get consultation over the phone. Clone App Clone App is improving the efficiency of healthcare and ensuring maximum comfort during the consultation with a doctor.

Medical and healthcare is an evergreen business. This is the ideal moment to begin your own doctor appointment online and consulting business.

Read the article to learn more about the features as well as ways to start Folio3 such as doctor’s appointment solutions:

The steps to follow when making Folio3 Clone application

Making a great app in a world full of competition can be quite difficult. To create a Folio3-like doctor appointment system, companies requires professional developers with years of experience , to make sure that there is no glitch.

Check that the company that you’ve hired follows all steps for an online appointment system for doctors.

1. Research A lot

It’s better to learn some information regarding the appointment with a doctor market rather than knowing nothing. Conduct market research, research the early stories of these apps, and those who struggle to establish their own market can help you greatly in creating your own solution. What’s more valuable than making mistakes yourself in the course of researching appointment services that are white label?

  • Examine the competitors carefully
  • Consider the pros and pros and
  • Don’t miss out on opportunities
  • Check out the needs of patients

2. Make Strategy

After conducting research, create an outline of the plan to build an Folio3 similar to a clone application.

The second step is when you determine the features, technologies and the language that you use in the design of Uber-like Healthcare. There are many aspects while creating an app similar to Uber-like – such as the nature of platforms it will run on, the type of technology utilized and demographics, service offerings such as.

You must ensure that you keep the encryption mechanism of the application very secure. On the doctor appointment service on demand the medical and personal details of patients are shared. These minor features enhance the overall quality of the solution.

3. Designing

The process of designing and prototyping the solution for doctor appointments is not easy. It’s better to have an image in your head of the exact design of the application. In other cases, you can seek advice from experts such as RGI to determine which kind of user interface is the most suitable for scheduling appointments and healthcare ux

Choose the theme, color, pattern and other visuals

Create an interface for the user

Be sure that the app/website has simple to navigate landing pages.

Make it work according to operating system (Android as well as iOS as well as Windows)

4. Testing

Testing is an essential step to provide the most enjoyable user experience in the end. Your patients, physicians as well as all users utilize the app to identify the mistakes and other things that could be altered or added to for improved use. Be sure to take the feedback from the users seriously and work to improve the experience for them because it’s everything about “user experience”.

Testing is the process where it is examined under extreme loads and conditions in order to determine its durability and the possibility of its survival in real-world scenarios.

5. The setup is ready to go

After trying out the doctor on demand appointment service, several times, you’re ready to go live with the application. However, launching the application is not enough.

The maintenance and update of the app on a regular basis is essential. Include new features on a regular basis and fix any glitches or bugs to offer a satisfying experience for the patients and customers. Provide freedom to all of your patients by making the white label appointment software flexible.

Basic characteristics of the Solution

In order to create an online Doctor Appointment Service A few fundamental features are needed to ensure its successful one:


There are a variety of basic features that make the doctor on-demand appointment service user-friendly:

Consultation SuggestionIt does not mean getting a advice from a physician. The app asks questions about the health problems that a patient has to face. When you answer these questions and revealing the symptoms you are experiencing, users will receive various suggestions for visiting physicians. This is a pre-formulated question that you can answer by selecting from a variety of choices or choosing whether you want to answer.

Online Consultation Patients are able to reach out to the doctors listed via the app in the event of emergencies with medical nature. Teleconsultation is another option where doctors personally contact patients and give prescriptions.

Search Search An open search feature that allows patients directly to find the nearest doctor or a specialist in the particular medical condition. The Uber for Healthcare option will recommend the top specialists for your treatment.

buying medicines Like shopping for groceries or food on the internet, it is possible to also order medications too. They Clone Apps keep transparency and request prescriptions or bills prior to selling medications. This eliminates the possibility of buyers who are not legitimate or who use it just to have fun.


The management of consultations during one week and with daily appointments makes it the ideal online appointment with a doctor.

Doctors can keep records in the health history every regular patient by examining his or her profile.

Doctors can create profiles through their profiles on the Clone App. They will need to include information such as experience, background reviews, education and much more.

Furthermore, with White Label appointment software doctors can also send the prescription they have signed to the phone of their patient to check for authenticity.

List of Clinics and Hospitals

Patients can also utilize to use the Clone App to find the top clinics and hospitals. Hospitals can advertise for their patients.

The hospital is able to install appointment software and keep the patient’s records.


The world is changing, and also is the method of handling middle-age crisis. Today, scheduling appointments with a doctor is no longer stressful. You just need to buy the doctor on-demand solution from an the experts. Let this pre-built solution assist you in providing the best health and treatment experience for all patients.

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