Steps to Consider When Buying Land to Build Home

Buying Land to Build Home

You are certainly not alone – more than 1.8 million building permits for new construction homes were issued last year in the majority of countries! This means that with time, the cost of land will increase in metropolitan areas while the population also increases. But of course, if you are going to build a home, you take various factors into account too like cost, land, time, raw materials, and so on. But where do you start when you are ready to construct your home? 

Buying land. 

Before you can pinpoint a location on Google Maps, this blog will highlight important factors to keep in mind when choosing land to build a home. 

How to find the right land for your home 

Trying to find land for your home is not an easy task. It’s more than challenging. What if you do not find a good location within your budget? Simply driving around looking for a house for sale signs just won’t do anymore. 

If you are interested in a newly developed master-planned community like the capital smart city in Islamabad, then that’s where you need to start your plot hunting. You can find a variety of plots distinguished in blocks, and in terms of amenities and facilities too. You may even find a beautifully constructed home in Smart City! So the best way to work is to look for a real estate agent who specializes in land sales. 

Online portals are a good place to start from. These websites offer listings and search tools for you to find land experts in your area. If living in Islamabad, you can easily select the location and find available experts. But make sure that the expert you work with knows his field, and the scope of the house too. 

3 Things to consider before buying land

Every individual has a unique lifestyle, so the land they want to buy must reflect their way of living too. After all, the land is the foundation of a good home. It represents a good chunk of expenses. Here are some crucial factors you need to consider. 

1- Zoning 

Are you planning to build from scratch? It’s already complicated enough to choose a land, but to start with the most basic step, you need to pick a zone for the residential purpose. Some parts of the land are engrossed in complicated legal protections. That’s why it is important for the latest master-planned housing societies like Smart City Islamabad to get a permit before constructing a house. 

A local agent will help you understand which are the legally approved housing societies to buy the perfect land from the ones that are legally insecure. 

Common restrictions include the maximum and minimum lot coverage and elevation in the area. It’s really helpful to work with an architect who can create a blueprint or 3D model of your house to understand whether it will fit into the zoning regulations or not. 

2- Size 

What type of dimensions are you looking for? A large family would need a 10 Marla or 1 Kanal plot to hold the family and entertain guests too. You need space, a lot of it! Even if you plan to build a home on 8 Marla or 5 Marla plots, you may want to add a small lawn just to spend quality time outdoors. 

Therefore a large plot will cost you more than a smaller one. You need to be peculiar about the landscaping too. It will have a huge impact on your budget. So if you are serious about house decor and landscaping, you better get soil analysis too when choosing the size of the plot. 

3- Privacy 

Are you a loner? Or do you prefer to live within a tight-knit community? It is important to consider the level of privacy you’d want in your life too. If you want to be seen by neighbors, expect them to interact with you almost on a daily basis, you will be living in blocks like Executive or General blocks. 

Sometimes a homebuyer wants a more secluded option with less foot traffic, away from busy roads. These areas have natural barriers like greenbelt, trees, and bushes. It gives a modicum of privacy for homeowners. So be sure to check on the level of privacy available in the particular area of interest too. 

Take these three important factors into consideration to buy the land. Or better yet, explore the terrain to get a better feel of it.

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