Taking Care of Your High-Heeled Footwear the Right Way!


The search for the right pair of high-heeled footwear is never-ending! However, when you find one, you want it to last for a long time. It’s no secret that regular footwear maintenance can help them last longer.

But women’s shoes are available in various shapes, sizes, styles, and patterns. In addition, each is made with different materials, and the tips and tricks vary accordingly.

In this article, you will find all the secrets, tips, and tricks to keep your footwear as new as ever!

How to care for high-heeled women’s shoes?

One of the most exciting things about owning a good pair of high-heeled footwear is that you can wear them repeatedly on various occasions. Before investing in a pair of heels, you need to check the quality and material to ensure that they will not betray your feet mid-way.

You can take care of your beloved heels in many ways. So, here are a few tips that will help you maintain them regularly.

1.     Clean them well.

If you own leather heels, you can clean them with the help of a soft cloth now and then. However, for other materials like suede, you must follow excess caution as one wrong step can negatively affect the material.

Using a suede eraser helps eliminate crusted dirt and stains from your footwear’s surface. Since heels accumulate a lot of dirt and water, cleaning them well before storing them in the rack is necessary.

2.     Walk correctly in your footwear.

Wearing your high-heeled footwear regularly may result in frequent damage. Additionally, they can also affect your posture. Instead, use heels specifically on occasions that demand you the same.

When you wear your heels, make sure to walk lightly. Stomping can be pretty damaging for your heels and your feet alike. Also, heavy thuds can often cause damage to stilettos and platform heels. This may lead to breakage and further damage that may require serious repair. 

3.     Store them well

Walking in your heels all day or night can be extremely tiring. You might feel like leaving your heels as it is, but taking them off carefully, wiping them, checking for scratches or damages, and storing them is crucial.

When you store your footwear, you can place charcoal pouches to prevent them from smelling bad due to moisture. Additionally, you can invest in spacious shoe storage or racks to line them up and store them separately.

4.     Invest in heel stoppers

If you wear high-heeled footwear often, you know it can be challenging to prevent everyday wear and tear. Using heel stoppers can help avoid damage to the tips of the heels.

However, some cuffs and nicks can’t be avoided. Buy high-quality show repair materials or take your shoes to a cobbler to get them repaired correctly. Take suitable measures as soon as you notice the first signs of wear and tear. Taking timely actions can prevent your footwear from further damage.

Wrapping up

Women’s shoes, like high-heeled footwear, are prone to regular wear and tear. Keeping your footwear clean and maintaining them daily will help them stay fresh. Since shoes are made of materials that do not easily undergo damage, it’s still better to look out for the first signs of damage.

Once you identify these signs, take the right actions to prevent your favourite footwear from further destruction.

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