The Incredible Story of Seattle Junk Removal

Seattle Junk Removal

Do you know the saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well, one Seattle couple has taken this phrase to heart by starting their own junk removal business! The story of Seattle Junk Removal has just gone viral as more and more people find out that they can turn their piles of trash into profits. Whether it’s garage cleaning or estate sales, these Seattle junk removers are turning trash into dollars and helping customers reduce clutter while adding to their own bottom line. Read on to learn more about how they got started!

What is junk?

Most people believe that junk is just garbage, but in reality, there is a difference between garbage and junk. There are different types of junk, including broken furniture and appliances, damaged clothing, excess packaging, tools you don’t use anymore, and other items that can be classified as something other than trash. No matter what kind of unwanted items you have in your home or office space, it’s possible to find junk removal services to get rid of them for you. The team at Seattle Junk Removal can remove any type of unwanted item for you! We handle everything from junk car removal to bulky item disposal to big or small job clean-up.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Just because it’s someone else’s trash doesn’t mean that someone won’t want to buy it. Do you like yard sales? This guy makes his living selling other people’s stuff! And best of all, he started off as a regular guy who was looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side. So, what do you think is your junk worth? A few dollars? If you sell it online in bulk, maybe more… But watch out for scams—you can get ripped off if you don’t know what you’re doing. Read more about that below. To read about how to sell your junk for cash (and avoid being ripped off), click here.

Is there such a thing as junk removal?

There is a tremendous difference between useless trash and valuable junk. While it may seem like an easy distinction to make, many people are confused about what separates these two terms, along with how these terms apply to real-life situations. Understanding how to differentiate between these two words allows people in need of junk removal to distinguish between trash and things that they want to keep but no longer have use for. Read on to learn more about why a team at We Junk Haul might be able to help you get rid of all your unwanted clutter!

When the value of junk changes…

Seattle Junk Removal is a local Seattle business that has gained incredible attention over recent weeks because they removed an iconic piano from one home, and moved it into another. At first glance, you might think that sounds like any other regular job—and in many ways it was. The company was called in by a homeowner who needed help with removing some items from their house. But then, something incredible happened to turn everything on its head. Junk Removal found out what it would cost to remove an old piano… which was more than they had ever received for any project! Instead of taking their profit, they did something absolutely incredible… and donated every single penny they made from removing it to charity.

How can we define Seattle Junk Removal?

First and foremost, Seattle Junk has done a huge amount of good for all consumers in their area. In fact, they are junk heroes who have been doing what they do for over 10 years. They have been satisfying their customers with an excellent service that few can match. It is fair to say that when it comes to junk removal in general and hauling off unwanted junk from your home in particular, Junk Removal is as good as it gets. The fact is there are not many businesses out there like them – especially ones that have remained so consistently professional and amazing over such a long period of time!

Seattle Junk Removal
Seattle Junk Removal

What is the difference between useless trash and valuable junk?

Ask any garbage man or woman, and they’ll tell you that most people underestimate what can be recycled. While there are some things that can never be used again tires. For example there are also plenty of goods that most people would think we’re destined for a landfill. Even stuff like glass bottles, newspapers, and office furniture can be repurposed! Of course having someone remove your junk makes it easier to sort out what you can throw away and what you should recycle. That’s why Tacoma trash removal services may be right for your next project!

Does it make sense to hire a junk hauler?

Trash removal could have never guessed that their story would go viral. The attention on them has not always been great, however, they’ve managed to keep their head up and move forward. We love a good underdog story! How many companies have gone from hate to love? Not many! You can’t underestimate what having an easy garbage pick-up option will do for your community. Not to mention it allows you to better enjoy your time off work because you’re not worried about going out and hauling junk. Out of your life! If you live in Tacoma Washington or anywhere else around Washington State. Where pay-as-you-throw services are available consider giving it a try!


All too often people get so caught up in making money they fail to realize. How much easier it is to do that when you make it a habit to give back. Seattle Junk Removal is clearly dedicated to helping their community; if you’re reading Entrepreneur magazine, chances are you want to make an impact on your own. Regardless of what kind of business you’re running think about what your company could be doing for its community and implement. Some kind of giving program or volunteer activity. It might not go viral—but at least it’ll be good for your soul.

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