The Most Ugly Cartoon Characters in 2022

Who will be the most ugly cartoon character in 2022? Some of the best candidates include Cruella De Vil, Olive Oyl, and Dr. Two Brains. However, a list like this would be incomplete without a character named Olive Oyl. While they are not as aesthetically pleasing as Dr. Two Brains and Olive Oyl, they have some common features. In addition to their odd features, these characters have a lot of similarities.

Cruella De Vil

The children’s book series Cruella de Vil, which has a new movie coming out this fall, is a classic. The character is a spoiled brat who’s only concerned with her own wealth. She’s entitled and constantly berates bumbling men who want her wealth. The character embodies vanity and greed, and her actress, Paul Walter Hauser, plays her as a hapless sadsack who has a hard time parsing simple conversations.

The film’s plot shares similarities to Batman Begins and The Joker, but it does an excellent job portraying the character in a more positive light. While she is an ugly cartoon character, she’s also a fashion vigilante who aims to make the world a better place. She’s also called Estella and was raised in working class England. Although she’s a fierce, ruthless woman, her childhood was grounded in the love and affection of her mother.

Drizella Tremaine

It’s hard to say who is the most ugly cartoon character of 2022, but there are definitely some truly awful characters. One of them is Anastasia Tremaine, a purple-haired character. Her big feet and mouth are a sure way to get attention from viewers, but her real personality is even more offensive. She bullies Cinderella and tears up her ball gown, which is probably why she’s one of the most ugly cartoon characters of the decade.

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Lady Tremaine is a cruel, evil character. While pretending to be a woman of grace, she uses her power to make her stepdaughter a slave after her father dies. This woman uses veiled cruelty to torment her poor stepdaughter and manipulates the children to make her mad. Drizella’s evil deeds and ugliness are so egregious that many viewers will immediately condemn her.

Olive Oyl

If you’re looking for a character that’s as ugly as the average person, you’ve probably already seen Olive Oyl. He’s a Disney animated character with a cow-like hairstyle and big, ugly eyes. He’s also extremely selfish, and smokes heavily, making him the perfect villain for a cartoon. Sadly, he also has a very negative outlook on life. But he has a good side: he’s a lot of fun.

His hair is longer and his eyes are bigger than the rest of his body. He has zero brain function, but he’s also very annoying. The show is a hit with fellas, which may be why it’s so popular. And since Olive Oyl is so funny, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most memorable characters from 2022.

Dr Two Brains

If we were to look at the ugliest cartoon characters of the 21st century, we would probably include the character of Dr. Two Brains, a mad scientist with the unattractive facial features that are renowned for stealing cheese. Despite these features, the character is actually quite lovable and is often seen with children stealing cheese. While some might find Dr. Two Brains to be ugly, many others find him to be a cute and lovable character.

Another character that isn’t as aesthetically pleasing is Mr. Crocker. This clumsy, emotionless character spends most of his time imagining himself in the magical world of the Simpsons. In many ways, Mr. Crocker is quite unpleasant and completely out of control. Other characters on this list are Olive Oyl, an animated slug with a big grey eye and a sexy voice.

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Squidward’s tentacles

While Squidward was originally going to be called Octoward, the voice actor changed his name to Squidward. The original Japanese name for squid is “ikardo,” which translates to squid. In a special DVD feature, the voice actor explained that he renamed Squidward to make him more appealing to Japanese audiences.

The creator of “SpongeBob SquarePants” said this fact in 2005. Many fans still don’t realize that Squidward actually has six tentacles. Hillenburg said that he did not want to torture the animation team too much by having an octopus with six tentacles. The octopus has bulbous heads, so he decided to make Squidward have six tentacles.


Edna Mode is a fashionista who is trying to attract attention from the public. Her clothes have a lot of attention-getting features and she is considered as an attractive woman. On the other hand, the Gargamel cartoon character is quite ugly. She has a hunched torso, decayed teeth, and a thin waist. She can’t compete with Edna Mode’s style, but she can still lure anyone to her advantage.

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