The Possible Ways to Avoid Delay in 190 Visa Application

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The 190 visa allows you to settle in Australia permanently as a skilled worker if your occupation is listed on SOL (Skilled Occupation List) and nominated either by the territory or the state government agency of Australia.

Whether you want to apply for the Visa subclass 190 or have already started the application process, you need to learn the various stages of the visa application. You need to know about the common issues and the waiting times.

Timeline of the 190 Australian Visa

The 190 visa in Australia gives you the chance to work and study anywhere in Australia, sponsor your family members for permanent residence and ultimately become an Australian citizen.

But there are different stages and processing times of the 190 visa:

  • After receiving an invitation to apply, you have about 60 days to file for your visa application. If you apply for a visa from Australia, you will receive a Bridging visa through which you will stay in Australia.
  • External agencies associated with the immigration agent will send data on your health and character along with information on if you satisfy the national security criteria.
  • The Department of Home Affairs can check your application to see if it is complete. They might even email you a request to submit other documents.
  • After this, the immigration officials will spend a good amount of time verifying your supporting documents and evaluating your 190 visa application.

How Long Does it Take to Process Your 190 Visas?

You can expect the visa process to last for a year, but unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic can cause major delays. As per statistical data provided by the Department of Home Affairs, most applications take around 9-12 months to process, while 10% can take more than a year, depending on the circumstances.

The processing time of your 190 skilled visas depends on the number of applicants who submit their applications as they are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What Can Cause Delays in the Processing of the 190 Visas?

Knowing the common problems with visa applications can help you avoid possible delays and speed up the entire process. Four huge problems can cause delays:

  • An incomplete application or false information can cause delays; you will be asked to provide more documents or information if it happens.
  • You will be forced to extend the process if you cannot respond to the requests sent by immigration authorities.
  • External agencies might take longer to provide information regarding you.
  • Officials from Australia’s Department of Home Affairs will need a long time to review all your documents.

What Can You Do to Make the Process Faster?

Multiple things are not in your control when processing your 190 visas. But there are some things that you may do to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

First, you can do thorough research to find out how to fill out your application and what documents you need to submit; a migration agent in Adelaide can help you in this case. You cannot influence people who will evaluate your profile.

The only thing you can do is speed up the process by making the application complete, comprehensive and readable. It can be easier for you to hire the services of a visa agent to help you fill out the form.

Applying for an Urgent Visa

Suppose you travel from other parts of the world to Australia at short notice and do not apply for a visa. You can submit an urgent application. The delivery time for the urgent application can be less than 60 minutes.

But it is advised that you submit the visa application several weeks before you depart. This will cause you to worry less, and your application will also be granted.

Urgent Australian Visa: Within an Hour

Most urgent Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 applications are approved about 60 minutes after payment. You can receive a confirmation of your approved visa via email or even text message.

You can print the confirmation and take it with you on your trip; you need to ensure that you show the confirmation on your tablet or smartphone in any event you are asked for.

Even When Urgent, There is No Guarantee on Delivery Time

In some rare cases, some urgent applications are not approved within an hour, and this is because the Australian immigration service carries out random checks. Though a more extensive background check can cause your visa to be rejected, it can also cause delays of several hours to even days.

Visa Check before Departure

The immigration services of many countries check whether the arriving passengers have the required visa only after they arrive. But the immigration service of Australia has a visa system linked to both the traveller’s passport and the information systems of the airlines.

Your airline can have access to the immigration system; this indicates that you will be checked if you have a valid visa before your arrival. The visa that you apply for needs to be approved by the time that you check-in.

Benefits of the 190 Visa

Under the 190 visa, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can permanently stay in Australia
  • You can work and study in Australia
  • You can enrol in the country’s health care scheme known as Medicare
  • You can also sponsor your relatives to come to Australia
  • You can travel to and from the country of Australia for five years
  • If you are eligible, you will become an Australian citizen.

Under this visa, you and your family members need to obey the Australian laws, and as it is a permanent visa, you can stay for a long period. You can contact a migration agency to know more about the features of the 190 visa.

Bottom Line

With the help of the subclass 190 visa, you can stay in Australia for a good period, but your occupation needs to be on the skilled occupant’s list. You can contact immigration services in Adelaide to know more about the 190 visas.

If you need help filling your visa forms, you can take the help of experts such as a migration consultant in Adelaide; they will also ensure that your visa is granted.

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