The process of renting a property in Dubai

The process of renting a property in Dubai may be a daunting task. More so if you are at the place for the first time. There are some nuances of the market, and you would need to jump through that before you arrive at a decision. Be it  JLT luxury apartments for sale, or rent there are a few protocols that you need to be aware before you make a decision.

How to find the right home in Dubai?

Since the number of villas and apartments available online is overwhelming. It is confusing on what to choose and what to avoid. The process of scrolling through many of them may turn out to be a time- consuming task as well. It would also be of helping if you have gone on to do a home work in the area where you plan to stay.

There are some places like Dubai Downtown where the rates are expensive since the place is load with professionals. But Bur Dubai and Deira are cheaper, since the place is pack and has a lot of old houses. Among the western residents Dubai Marina is popular and has a younger crowd. The list keeps on increasing year after year. You should not be afraid to check out with your co- workers or friends. On what are the places that you may look forward of visiting in Dubai.

The common issues that you need to keep in mind while renting property?

Before you choose any lease there are a number of things that you need to consider. First and foremost, the tenant needs to ensure that the rates are fair and is line with the current market prices. If you are dealing with an individual landlord you need to check their proof of identity and ownership. This could sound excessive but there are numerous scammers and a genuine owner will not mind in asking you the details. If you are checking with a dealer, figure out that the company is legitimate. The deposits and cheques need to be paid to the landlord and there should be no third party involve in the process.

The responsibility lies with the owner for the maintenance costs. Watch out for leases that hand over the responsibility to the tenant. If you are renting an apartment. It is better to check on who is responsible for the upkeep of the common areas. A point worth mentioning is that a property owner employs more than a single agent for letting out their property.

What could be the other costs that may be involved?

If you are planning for property for sale in Jumeirah Lake towers or renting it out commission charges are involve. This is based on the annual rental price of the property. Apart from this a deposit is to be paid to the landlord that would be 5 % of the annual rental price. Most of the properties tends to be unfurnished and it may lead to white goods. So you can set a budget for other items.

Do keep in mind the upfront costs before you are planning to make a move to UAE. Make sure that you have sufficient amount of savings to deal with this. You may come across properties mentioned as chiller free. This means that the landlord would be footing the AC bills. It is a trend that is common in high end buildings but not the common villas.

The payment of rent

For a considerable period of time the tenants were expect to pay the rent upfront in the form of a single cheque. But this trend has become less common with a lot of owners showing flexibility. Where they can handle a couple of post- dated cheques. In spite of the rise of internet banking. Along with easy money transfers paying rent is almost available in cheque book. Some of the popular companies have a facility where auto debits are possible.

The most important aspect to be take care when you rent a property is the number of cheques. That you have gone on to present for payment.  Before you pay the rent or enter into a deal you need to submit. Your passport copy along with residency visa permit. If you have not received a copy of your visa. It is common to start working once the application sets in. You could provide a letter from your employer that the process is underway. To make rental payments a cheque book in your own individual name should be available. This is a common obstacle as a bank account cannot be open if you do not have a valid visa.

The details about the contract

It is vital that you address all maintenance issues before you enter into a contract. They need to be resolve by the landlord before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure that you check out all the facilities before it is available in the best working condition. Pictures should be taken of your villa or apartment, before you move into the premises. So that there is no scope of dispute when it comes to the final day of claiming your deposit. A good landlord will ensure that the property is paint before you move in. You are expect to do the same when you leave the premises.

Any rental contract in Dubai is not valid till it is certified by the Ejari. Which is the official online portal of Dubai real estate agency. It can be done through their site or through third party offices present in various areas of the city. The cost of the deed is Dh 220 and you need to furnish a few documents before the deal is finalize. It has to be the title deed along with the passport copies of both the landlord and the tenant. If the Ejari of the previous tenant has been cancel you need to submit a copy of the same  as well.

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