The Significant Steps You Should Take Before Self-Publishing Your Book

The Significant Steps You Should Take Before Self-Publishing Your Book

Publishing has never been more accessible in this new digital age, thanks to self-book publishing services.

Amazon and Goodreads are breeding grounds for aspiring authors, most of whom are practically unknown and inexperienced in the publishing industry. Many authors have no idea what it takes to have a book published. I don’t mean putting something together on Amazon. Instead, I am referring to something professional, worthwhile, memorable, and, most importantly, professionally written and edited.

If you have come this far and are still reading, maybe you are a published author who has written a few novels of your own. Maybe you are almost done with your manuscript and are studying what you need to do next before publishing it. 

You have already taken the first step toward ensuring that your book is more valuable than hurriedly published books that aren’t even close to being ready to be purchased and read. But have you ever wondered what the steps are to become an officially published author? How do you make your independent book stand out from the masses and be worth reading? Let’s find out!

Write An Inspirational Book

You might be astonished at how terrible some self-published books are. It’s a shame because there are many excellent self-published books available. So, don’t be another author who was so eager to get their book on Amazon that they failed to follow guideline number one: make sure the book is genuinely decent. It will be hated. They will hate you. 

But how can you know whether your book is any good? You are one step closer to having a final product and a great book if you’re pleased with the plot, characters, writing, and story – really proud of your work.

However, simply reading and checking for yourself isn’t enough. People will disagree with you, whether you believe it’s good or not. Those will see mistakes that you missed after reading it fifty times. You will need beta readers at this point. Moreover, you can also hire a professional self-book publishing service to make your manuscript flawless.

Hire A Professional Editor

One of the disadvantages of self-publishing is that editing services are frequently paid out of pocket. You know exactly what you are receiving and can select the best editor for you.

Hiring a competent editor is the first step in editing. An editor will look for repetition, words that can be substituted for more effect, and a general clean-up of your weaker sentences. A competent editor can help you make your book shine. Beta readers won’t be able to accomplish this for you.

Hire A Professional Proofreader

All phases are necessary, but you can skip them if you are a seasoned author with a large following. Proofreading, on the other hand, is a must.

You can’t, however, catch every error on your own. A proofreader’s workaround:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Typos
  • Punctuation errors

Unless your book is relatively short and you are a proofreader, hiring someone to check for these errors is an excellent idea.

You can tell that many self-published books have never seen a proofreader. Instead, they are littered with spelling errors, tense problems, and unfinished phrases, disrupting the reading flow and leaving paying clients frustrated and disappointed. To prevent becoming one of these authors, pay a proofreader to polish and refine each sentence, either independently or through self-book publishing services.

Get an Amazing Cover

Believe it or not, people judge a book by its cover.

To create your cover, enlist the help of a computer-savvy friend or a professional designer from any self-book publishing service. The designer must consider the book spine and back cover in addition to stunning imagery and the appropriate font. You can do this as well, but make sure you understand how.

Format Your Book Professionally

Self-publishing a book or an eBook requires a lot of formatting effort. For example, the fonts must fit appropriately on a Kindle or other e-reader, and the spine and cover size on a paperback must be accurate. However, there could be difficulties with paper sizes and page orientation. You must also make sure your formatting is flawless.

Final Thoughts

You will have a well-written, professionally edited book with a fantastic cover and perfect formatting once you have finished these steps. You are ready to enter the publication world and proudly claim the author’s title. So, Congratulations!

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