Things to do Kasol

things to do in kasol


Kasol is among the most well-known places within Himachal Pradesh where a massive number of visitors come from across the nation and all over the globe every year . There are a variety of things to be done in Kasol including adventurous pursuits like trekking , camping, or exploring the villages of the past and their rich culture , the cuisine, the valleys , the ambience , everything!! Here are some suggestions of things you can explore in kasol.

  1. Trek to Kheerganga
  2. Visit Manikaran Sahib
  3. Israeli food
  4. Moon dance cafe
  5. The Naggar village is a fishing spot.
  6. Rice beer
  7. Hype music festival
  8. Riverside camping
  9. Parvati Shangri La festival
  10. Shopping
  11. Visit Malana
  12. Take a trip to Tosh
  13. Trekking

Trek to Kheerganga

If you are taking your first steps in Kasol The first thing you’ll notice all over from the vendors to tourists to local guides, everyone is the Kheerganga hike. It is definitely on the list of the most exciting things to do within Kasol And who doesn’t want to walk through snow-clad mountains , lush valleys , and breathtaking views of meadows , and cool cold weather . When you reach the summit of Kheerganga you can also go to Lord Shiva temple, where you can take a bath in hot springs as well .

Visit Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a famous Gurudwara located in Manikaran which is located approximately 6 km away from Kasol . It is among the oldest sites for tourists to see in Kasol . The hot spring within which you are required to take a bath is famous because of the belief that when a person gets a bath there can purify their souls from past sins or wrongdoings as well as any negative energy within . After that, there is there is the Langar serving mouth-watering food, which is not to be missed! !

Israeli food

Kasol is frequently referred to as the miniature Israeli because of the Israeli presence in the area and the cultural influence they carry . Therefore, it is a great place to taste Israeli food and offer the most delicious and savory food treat to your palate.

Moon dance cafe

After a few days of hiking, you’re exhausted but you have plenty of adventurous experience and memories to share with and discuss with your friends. Moon dance is one location where you can have the delicious food you ate for breakfast, lunch or Sunday brunch while engaging in an extended conversation with your friends groups .

Gor for fishing and fishing to Naggar Village

If you like to enjoy outdoor pursuits like fishing, and hunting, then Naggar Village is one such area to visit . It is located 57 kilometers far from Kasol and it is surrounded by snow-capped majestic mountains . Naggar is also the home of Naggar castle . So , fishing on the the banks of Beas river and then heading forward in search of Naggar castle seems like the most sensible option to me .

Rice Beer

One of the most bizarre things to take part in during your stay in Kasol is sampling rice beers . There is nothing to worry about for people who do not drink, since there is no alcohol in the beer . The drink is prepared by local natives in Kasol It is referred to in the region of Chang and is very well-known and is readily accessible in local hotels or bars. Another drink that is similar to this is Laingiri that should be tasted.

Hype music festival

If you’re an avid music fan and are a fan of festival music , the atmosphere and the people as well as the music and the joy it brings out into every part of your body. What better place to enjoy it than Kasol in itself, where the there is Hype Music Festival, a single evening event that includes barbecue, camping, music, flea market and more ! !

Riverside camping

In addition to the trek, camping is one kind of activity that lets you relax in the edge of nature with spectacular landscapes in Kasol .

Riverside camping is the perfect option in which you can enjoy the soul-cleansing sound of flowing water with beautiful views everywhere you turn.

Parvati Shangri la Festival

It is an annual celebration in Kasol that gathers an enormous number of party animals from various parts of this country . It takes place once at the last week season. With top DJs and artists performing popular and leg-breaking beats, it’s a fantastic event that you shouldn’t skip.


It’s one of those things is a must when traveling to another country . From colorful T-shirts, ornaments, aroma oils, and more all in one location . The local stores in Kasol will lead you to semi-precious stones decorated items, carpets, and more .

Visit Malana

Take a trip to one of the most ancient villages in Himachal which is Malana. With breathtaking snow-capped mountains, lush meadows and valleys, you can find a serene area to sit and admire the magnificent views all around. It is also possible to go to Jamlu temple as well as Rukmini temple .

Take your head out from Tosh

Tosh is another place with gorgeous apple orchards , stunning glaciers, and the stunning Parvati river that flows. It’s a wonderful location to discover the lush greenery, wooden homes and gorgeous landscapes.


There are many treks in Kasol for people with adventurous blood flowing in these places . Pin the parvati pass , Chalal , Sar pass trek and other are a few routes to discover your adventurous side! !


These are the top ten items of things to do and discover in Kasol . If your next place or travel destination is Kasol this list of things are best things to do, discover and be a part of! !


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