Top 16 Hadoop Developer Skills You Should Master in 2021

Top 16 Hadoop Developer Skills You Should Master in 2021

We are aware of the fast based switch happening to a tech based environment in every field there is to venture. With this, it is essential that data management and data handling is done in a manner that it all doesn’t end up becoming a huge fuss one day. To ensure this many softwares and frameworks are put into use. One of them is Hadoop, but Hadoop again is an entire package of skills to master in itself. So in this article we will take you through all the skills that you can master in Big Data Hadoop And Spark Developer Certification  in 2022.

Hadoop Basics :- To obtain a good sense of knowledge in any field, the fundamentals need to be very strong. Hadoop Basics is nothing but fundamentals of Hadoop, it gives you a good knowledge of what other skills you should learn to tackle what problem . You can otherwise call it a map for mastering Hadoop.

Hadoop Distributed File System :-  The entire reason people use Hadoop is for storage purposes. With knowledge in HDFC you can learn how to store data using Hadoop. Everything in Hadoop works on HDFC as the base.

Sqoop:- Skillfulness in Sqoop allows users to transfer data between HDFC and related database servers, like MySQL and Postgres. It is highly qualified to transfer data between Hadoop and other data storage units.

Flume :- This captures data from multiple web servers and transports huge amounts of data such as emails, log files etc. It in that sense makes itself an important weapon in the hadoop toolkit

Java :- If you are a computer science pursuing, you are quite aware of Java’s versatility and how you can hardly flourish in the line without it. So, you should not be surprised when you see it again on this list, Java as a Hadoop developer will help you develop programs depending on your clients needs that need java as its base.

Python :- Python in today’s time has also started making an appearance almost everywhere. It is again one of the most human friendly languages in the programming world and again will help you develop things in Hadoop like Spark application by Sprintzeal.

Ambari :- Ambari helps you in tracking the status of multiple applications that are running at a time. It is a solution to all kinds of Hadoop clusters. You can also keep track of applications’ progress while they are running.

Mahout :- Mathout comes handy when you want to produce free implantations of distributed or copyable machine learning algorithms. It makes your work faster and has better accessibility. It is a relatively new addition to hadoop ecosystem but it is quite in demand.

Apache Hive :- Apache Hive is convenient for carrying out date query and analysis. Like that is it quite similar to SQL for querying data from multiple database and file systems that can integrate with hadoop.

Graphx :- The application of Graphx is pretty self explanatory. It is used to create graphs and do calculations surrounding it. However, to be familiar with Graphx, you must know java, python and Scala two of which have been mentioned earlier.

Kafka :- Kafka enables you to have real time streams of data and real time analysis. You can easily store huge amounts of data with the help of Kafka. It is also compatible with most tools mentioned in this list.

Apache Oozie :- Hadoop developers usually require, to define job workflows, which can be done using Apache Oozie. It is a pretty in demand skill and recruiters prefer individuals with this knowledge.

Apache Spark :- It is an open source analytics engine used for processing large-scale data. You can program clusters using Apache spark. It is necessary because it makes you capable of working with clusters at high speed. Without Spark, dealing with a lot of data can get frustrating and very time consuming.

MapReduce :- With the help of MapReduce, you can perform parallel processing on large data sets. It has a mapping procedure and reduce method.While with HDFC you can store data, this makes it easy to process all the data.

SparkSQL :- SparkSQL is a part of SQL that allows you to perform structured data processing. With this you can sort SQL problems with code transformations. Due to these features it is a very needed skill in today’s era.

We hope this list of  skills help you maneuver your way through Big Data Hadoop And Spark Developer  in an easier manner.

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