Top 3 Best App For Growing Business in Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms

As technology advances the world is changing. We are progressing in the era of the internet. The media industry is not outside of advanced technology touch. It also changes its face. concept of consuming entertainment is also changing.

We are transitioning from an era of a wired connections, tv operators, and cable networks to the modern era of online live streaming—both the young and aged generation. Moreover, the young generation attracts to streaming platforms as they want to build their career in them. 

In recent times, people can watch their favorite content is it shows or videos online on their mobiles, laptops, tablets, or smart TVs in as high quality as they want. Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Disney+, 9anime app, Hulu, and many more are top online streaming platforms also they are streaming competitors and each one of them has some unique quality shows.

Why Do You Need Streaming Software?

As more players come to market, fans are engaging more. Moreover, they want the best content with organized and interesting elements. 

And here you’ll need streaming software. These types of tools will produce more viewership. Also, this tool has many features that will help you to stream video, interact with viewers, also collect super chat, and many more. 

As the report says almost 80% of total mobile users going towards online live streaming, by the end of 2022. Here‘s what you need the streaming software.

Now let’s go to some of the streaming software, that my mind is best for YouTube, Facebook, the 9anime app, and more.


I will always prefer it. Rank it at top of the list. Its features will help you to optimize your stream and chat live support. Besides you can use restream to live events for pre-recorded videos.

Some of the best features you get-

  • It is a cloud-based streaming service, that gives you the opportunity to stream 30 platforms at once. 
  • You can see a restream for announcing the future event to create excitement among your fan.
  • You can use it as your measurement tool. How many watch hours do you have? What is your peak time in events? Also, you can know the viewership of your video.
  • To create multiple channels in one platform
  • One can manually control bitrates, FPS, frame drops

Also, there are so many features, that you will get. Restream has 3 plans to offer. The first is a free plan and the last is a premium plan of $249 per month.


In my list, OneStream is 2nd. The most beautiful feature of this app is you can post a video on 40 social media at once. 

OneStream is overall the best streaming tool you can use. Also, you can schedule your pre-recorded video in 60 days advance and stream it.

Now let’s go for some key features-

  • One can post it on 40 social media once.
  • Allow your team to have one account.
  • Multiple upload option, including camera, files also screen shares.
  • Custom your RTMP

One stream also has a free plan and a premium quality plan of  $89 per month.


If you are a pro streamer and have a healthy budget this is for you. The best streaming software you have in the market. It has captured your multiple cameras and shared graphics and titles.

WireCast was originally developed by Telesmart. It will help you to stream tv like online streaming. the creator can easily control its user interface and customize it as he likes.

It is so artificial intelligence-based that you just need to plug in a camera and mic. All the work will be automatically done.

Let’s see one of the best features you can get from this tool-

  • One can use features like replay, timers, clocks even live sports games can use scoreboards.
  • Easily record video in MOV or MP4 format.
  • One can mix up 8 types of mixed files efficiently. 
  • Besides, creators can use  Chroma Key and QR codes in the live streams.

WireCast provides 2 types of plans for thor consumers. The first one is $599 per month and the second one s $799 per month.


That is our choice of software in streaming. But there are many more platforms available. All software has the same purpose of giving the best for the streaming platform but has some unique USP. if you want to steam weeks in a year then you go for some of the free tools. And then you can access other tools according to your budget.

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