Top 8 Adrenaline Pumping adventures around the world

When they say- You only live once, but once is enough if you do it rightly. They might not be specifically referring to the famous Zipline in Dubai or the eco-friendly skydiving in Hawaii, yet when the adventure bug bites, it’s time to opt for some of the best encounters of your life. And so, we’ve brought a list of top 10 adventurers that will give you a high like no other. 

  1. Skydiving:

When it comes to adrenaline-pumping experiences, skydiving is one of the few ways to beat the exhilarating aeroplane experience. Imagine falling freely in the depth of seven skies as the parachute keeps on unfolding, and you get to witness incredible natural views around. Sounds intoxicating, right? Well, that’s the effect skydiving brings into one’s life.

  1. Bungee Jumping:

You might be glad to know that bungee jumping has been the most popular holiday pursuit since the 1980s. The Vanuatu Rite of passage primarily inspired it; several ways to bungee jump. They’ll either drop from the mountains or the highest artificial peak of a crane. Now you can fill the void of always desiring to jump off the cliff only to return to the real world. The best jumps, however, occur to the backdrop of stunning scenery. 

  1. Ziplining:

While this adventure is more on the childish end, adults enjoy it more often. Imagine clipping on a helmet and harness, then standing at the platform’s edge from where you must proceed. Somehow, it appears much higher from up there than you estimated it from the base. However, after a few breaths, you gather enough courage to jump off the cliff, and a tight rope will take you through like a freely flying eagle. If that doesn’t sound exciting, then we don’t know what does.

  1. Boat Rafting:

Being rocked around a choppy mountain watercourse or a rough river in an unsinkable boat is an unreal thrill. That’s the perk of this activity, which demands good teamwork and a hunger for further adventure. It’s a kind of thrilling experience that you can opt for even in the dark. However, a professional guide is crucial for a safe and enjoyable encounter.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning:

Hot air ballooning isn’t a rarity but a common way of enjoyment in many parts of the world. Hot ballooning is a norm for festivals in some states, attracting participants and onlookers alike. Nature is the one point you can enjoy and many birthday party packegs in Dubai offer at low cost. After all, gliding through nature in a giant basket is a fantastic way to enjoy the scenery. Since there’s no windows or walls to block your views, there’s nothing to get in between your session.

  1. Sandboarding:

Forget about wandering across the dunes since the most exciting way to get around in the desert is by sliding down the dunes on a sandboard. It has gained quite a reputation for replacing snowboarding as a great alternative. However, if you fail to get the balance on the first try, don’t worry because you can always sit on the board and slide downhill. 

  1. Paragliding:

Paragliding, hang-gliding, and acro-gliding all belong to the same family. The only difference relies on the glider’s shape, size and weight. While paragliders settle in a harness suspended below a fabric resembling a parachute, a hang glider relies on a harness suspended from the airframe. Those who crave an excess adrenaline rush can opt for acro-gliding. As the name suggests, it adds more thrill to paragliding with some tricks, spins, loops, and reels.  

  1. Surfing:

Surfing is a bit more complex adventure than others since it’s a watersport. While it takes years of avid practice to surf the waves like a professional, it’s a sport that even beginners can endure with proper guidance. If you’re up for this, you must expect a lot of upper body workouts as you’ll be lifting off the board when the waves approach. In addition, there’ll be a lot of paddling and swimming as you drag your board in and out of the water. You won’t be riding off massive waves as a novice, but it’s certainly something you can work on. 

The Takeaway:There’re times when you need to get out of your comfort zone and try something out of the box. While the mountains worldwide are endless thrilling opportunities, the above team building activities are no less. Hopefully, this guide is a great summary of adventurous activities for the youngsters and young at heart.

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