8 Twitter Bio Pictures to Get Better Followers and Engagement

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8 Twitter Bio Pictures to Get Better Followers and Engagement

1.Let people know what you tweeted about

Why should someone be a follower on(Buy Facebook Followers UK)your Twitter account? If they look at your profile, are they aware of what they’ll get when they join? Are they going to be bombarded by ads, or do they find something they can gain from it?

Informing people about what you’re tweeting about can help manage expectations and draws the right fans.

Including specific keywords within your tweet bios will also help you be more searchable through Twitter search.

People are naturally skeptical of accounts for businesses on Twitter. They are afraid of being bombarded by sales messages when they follow.

Your Twitter bio provides an opportunity to assure people that this kind of thing won’t occur. Let them know what’s going to happen when they click”follow.

In its bio, Pew Research Fact Bank says that they’ll Tweet regarding (unsurprisingly) the latest research. Its feed is also filled with stats and graphs.

2.Use hashtags (with the utmost caution)

Hashtags can help make your bio more prominent if people look for hashtags and come across your profile listed in both the top results and the ‘people.

Adding a hashtag isn’t guarantee your presence on the result pages … however, it could help.

Another method to include hashtags in your bio is by using hashtags that represent your brand. They encourage other users to use them and, when clicked, will show your readers all tweets with your hashtag.

Dictionary.com makes use of hashtags from brands within its biography. Just click the hashtag #WordOfTheDay, and you’ll soon find yourself in the sea of absurdity.

Before you get into a game of tag, Be cautious.

A lot of hashtags can be an issue for Twitter users. They make your bio nearly impossible to read. You are also not utilizing the space to draw the interest of a target audience.

Download a content calendar for free to use on social media.

3.Make sure you cover the essentials

Who do you want your Twitter account? What can they expect to find when they access your page? Do they wish to reach your customer service? Do they require information about the latest events at your company?

You can use the Twitter bio you have created in your Twitter bio to provide details that are important to followers.

Dublin Fire Brigade Dublin Fire Brigade has a Twitter account that is ablaze, but they must ensure that no one tweets them in the event of a fire.

The brigade’s bio lets people know that they don’t have to keep track of the account at all times and what to do in the event of an emergency.

4.Let people know what you’ve done.

We get obsessed with creating a compelling bio that we forget to explain to people what we do.

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The big companies such as Ben & Jerry’s or Innocent Drinks can get away with being vague.

If you’re not an established brand, it is essential to figure out a way of telling people what you offer quickly, without boring them.

Simon Communities are a homeless charity that is based in Ireland. The website is full of information about its mission, but it is also welcoming.

5.Make it more humorous

Every company would like to be remembered, and humor can help people remember.

Many big companies want users to visit their Twitter pages. You’ll find the account incorporating jokes or subtle laughs. The joke doesn’t have to be a laugh-out-loud comedy but just enough to make your readers smile.

Netflix alters its bio to highlight new series. In the past, Netflix UK & Ireland teased twitterers with a pun based on the brand new Dark Crystal series.


If your company is nationwide or local, it’s essential to add this information to the bio of your Twitter bio.

The good news is that this does not have to be included in the 160 characters. There’s a section where you can enter the information you want to input.

It is possible to customize it to reflect whatever you like. If you’re hyper-local, you can type in the county, town, and country that you work in. If you’re a National, the country you work in will suffice. If you provide services to the entire globe, “Global” or “Worldwide” are excellent descriptive terms.

Adding a location will aid in displaying more results for searches.


There are two locations where you can add a clickable hyperlink in the Twitter bio. There’s a specific section for it. However, you can also include an additional link to be part of your bio’s 160 characters.

Since your profile (without links) is now visible across more areas when you log on to Twitter, you can now add your primary URL in links. It’s also clickable in the feed of notifications and the search feed, and even other searches, even if no one visits your Twitter profile.

It is also possible to include a second link on the sale page, download, or an email subscription. That’s exactly what Netball World Cup has done.


If you are employed by a company that requires you to put a disclaimer in the personal Twitter bio, keeping an individual in touch is an issue. I love this idea by Matt Steinglass, a correspondent for the site. Matt Steinglass.

Don’t forget: These disclaimers don’t necessarily have legal force.

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