Top Trends in Western Fashion From Pakistanis Best Brands

Tops, jeans, and western clothing are more popular than ever among the youth. They frequently blend them with eastern outfits to create their own styles. Some women like western clothing because it is more fun and exciting. Others prefer it because it is more comfortable and practical. Whatever the cause, this is a style that is growing in popularity and is undoubtedly going to stay.

Women’s online western outfits are readily accessible! Women of all ages can be seen wearing them as part of their everyday attire and during parties and formal events. Women feel at ease wearing pants or trousers with professional blouses and shirts even in the workplace. Today, we will talk about the best brands to consider while buying these western clothes. Down below, you will find the best outfits to try out from the best brands in Pakistan. This list includes the top brands of Pakistan: Limelight, Orient, Khaadi and Sapphire. You already know and love these brands so keep reading to know our thoughts about them.

Trendy Women Western Clothes to Buy Online

Breathtaking Western Tops for Women by Limelight

When it comes to western trends, Limelight is the first name that comes to our minds. Yes, we know that Limelight is known for its eastern clothing. However, their western collection doesn’t fall short of any other collection out there. It’s easy to see how good their western clothes are just by looking at these wonderful tops. Take this sea blue Broshia Grip Top as an example. This stylish top starts with a V-shaped neckline. The Broshia fabric makes this shirt super comfortable to wear. To spice things up, the shirt is knotted on the hem. Furthermore, the zip closure on the side adds to the style while providing easy wearability. Lastly, the long sleeve style ends with elastic cuffs which provides an enclosed yet stylish look. Just by looking at this immaculate shirt, you understand how much attention Limelight gives to every little detail. You can shop for western clothes for women at Limelight blindfolded and end up with something trendy.

Long Lawn Blue Frock by Orient

How can we make a list of the best western wear for women without adding Orient? This brand never stops amazing us with its unique styles. Orient knows how to show off its western collection. Various clothing options are available to match your personal style. Everyone will be able to find something they enjoy. This wonderful blue long shirt is just stunning. Lawn fabric with flower motifs in a blue tone. This shirt is distinguished by its fabric. Lawn shirts aren’t found in many other western collections. As a result, Orient is the ideal choice for exploring lawn tops.

Casual Western Shirts for Women by Khaadi

Nothing is more western than a casual tee with a pair of western jeans for women. Khaadi is known for its high-quality and stunning designs. Everyone has fallen in love with this brand because of its fantastic reputation. Khaadi’s western collection is now available for purchase online! You can add a variety of shirts and dresses to your summer wardrobe. The following shirt is an excellent representation of their western collection, as you can see. It’s a lovely light yellow shirt with a drop shoulder design. The shirt is made from a comfortable and high-quality durable material. Get these amazing shirts only at Khaadi.

Western Dresses for Women by Sapphire

Sapphire has taken over the earth. Their trendy attires are impeccable. Everyone is ecstatic when Sapphire launches new clothing. Summer is no different. This summer, Sapphire is recognized for their stunning western gowns. This short-sleeved dress is one of Pakistan’s greatest current western outfits. A trendy pattern on a beige western outfit. If you are looking for something to wear at a party, then this plain beige dress is perfect for you. It’s a round-neck dress with an elasticated waist. Short sleeves and side pocket detail. What else do you need? Go to the Sapphire online store and buy western wear for women of your choice today!


Beat the stigma behind western dresses and show people that you can dress amazingly even apart from eastern wear. Western dresses are a must-have in today’s day and age. Without western wear, your wardrobe can get dull and boring. So, visit these famous Pakistani brands that you are already familiar with and get yourself a western shirt or dress or even both. Dress a bit western and show everyone that your style is flawless. If our list doesn’t have any dress or shirt that speaks out to you, we are sure these brands have something that will be in their stores. So, visit these western clothing stores today and buy yourself a breathtaking western outfit today!

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