What Is the Trick to Increase your Snap Score?

Snap Score

When Snapchat was launched, the application created a buzz among people as the application and its features were completely new to people. Apart from messaging, all the features of the snapchat like filters, snaps and stories were new and people were having a lot of fun discovering them and using them. However, to this date, there are some features of the application that are not clear to people and they need guides to know about them. One of these features is the snap score and even if the score is just a number, people are still confused about the fact that it is not very clear what determines this snap score. 

So in this guide, we are going to tell you about Snap score and how you get your Snap score up on the application. So, we hope that this guide is beneficial for you and you can use it to know details about the snap score. 

What is a Snap Score?

Snap score refers to a number that is determined by a secret algorithm on the application and tells people about your participation as well as engagement on the application. The snap score is a combination of different factors some of which are the snaps sent and received by the user and the number of friends that the user has on the application. There are a lot of other factors too that contribute towards the snap score but, it is not clear even on the official website of the application hence, this guide, where we tell you about different things that you can do to increase your snap score. 

How Does Snap Score Work on Snapchat?

Snapchat doesn’t exactly spread the word. While it appears to be essentially as straightforward as remaining dynamic on the application, it can get convoluted. By all accounts; most clients comprehend that the more dynamic you are, the higher your Snapchat score turns out to be, yet there are a couple of special cases for the standard.

The numbers differ contingent upon specific elements, for example; the quantity of Snapchat clients accepting your Snaps and the recurrence of stories you post. A Snap Score increments for the vast majority of obscure reasons, and that is the way Snapchat needs it.

How Can you Increase your Snap Score on the Application?

If you are wondering how to get your snap score up then, allow me to tell you that you have to remain genuine on the application to increase your snap score as there is no third-party application that can help you with the same. No third-party application will be able to help you in getting your snap score up as the secret algorithm of Snapchat is very difficult to crack and hack. 

However; you can follow certain actions on the application to make sure that Snapchat recognizes your effort and increase your Snap score. 

  1. To increase your snap score, you need to send and receive more snaps from your friends. It is important that you send more than just one snap a day to increase your participation in the app. 
  2. You also need to ensure that you are creating steaks on the application for long days. Do not miss any day in between to end your snap streak. 
  3. You also need to have more and more friends on the application as more friends mean a higher number of snaps that you will send and receive to your friends. 
  4. It is also recommended that you post stories on the application to increase your snap score as the snap score depends on other factors too. 

These are certain things that you need to do to increase your snap score and; if you wondering about the highest snap score then, let me tell you that the number can go up to any digit. There is no set highest snap score that you have to reach hence, you can increase your snap score as much as you want. 

Where Can you See your Snap Score on the Application?

Even though the number is present on the screen and not hidden anywhere, many people still face difficulty in determining the number as the font size is very small. 

The number is available on the profile page of your Snapchat application beneath our username on the application. The number is just below your Bitmoji and you can easily see it on the screen if you tap the number then; you will see two smaller numbers that represent the snaps that you have sent and received. 

Onlinegeeks is a very informative and awesome website that can be used by people if they have any queries related to the application and its features. We hope that all the information that we have shared in the guide is clear to you and you can use it to increase your engagement and participation in the application. 

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