Troubleshoot TP-Link Extender No Light Issue

These days, TP-Link extender users across the globe reaching out to us with the same query that they can hardly see any light on their TP-Link WiFi extender. Even after doing the TP-Link extender setup in a proper way, they are unable to see any light on their device. Is the same case happening with you as well? No worries! You have stumbled upon the right post. Here, we are going to provide various fixes through which you can troubleshoot the “TP-Link extender no light” issue in a short span of time.

Well, there are various reasons causing the “TP-Link extender no light” issue. But, by applying the fixes listed below, you will surely be able to solve it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Fixed: TP-Link Extender No Light Issue

Fix 1: Power Cycle the TP-Link Device

The first and most important fix you need to try to fix the “TP-Link extender no light” issue is to power cycle the device (TP-Link extender). We have suggested the power cycling method to many users and that has helped them in an effective way.

You can power cycle your TP-Link extender by simply unplugging the TP-Link WiFi extender from the wall socket. Once you are done, wait for a few minutes, and thereafter, plug it back in again.

Now that your TP-Link extender is plugged in, you might see LEDs activity on your device. Still the same? Ensure that the wall socket you have used to plug in your TP-Link extender is well working.

Fix 2: Check the Cable Connection

So, have you established an Ethernet connection between your TP-Link extender and router? Perhaps, it seems like the connection between your router and the TP-Link extender is not successfully made.

In such a case, we suggest you disconnect them both, wait for a couple of minutes, and reconnect them again.

Is the connection stable now? Verify by accessing the TP-Link extender login page. No? Oh, snap! Even after establishing a successful Ethernet connection between your devices, you can’t access the TP-Link extender login page and are unable to see any LED activity on it. No worries! Without delay, head over to the next TP-Link troubleshooting tip.

Fix 3: Update TP-Link Firmware

The next TP-Link troubleshooting tip that you have to try to fix the “TP-Link extender no light” issue is to update its firmware to the latest version. Perhaps, outdated firmware on the device also leads to the “TP-Link extender no light” issue. So, without delay download the TP-Link app and get instructions to update the TP-Link extender firmware.

Fix 4: Reset and Reconfigure TP-Link Extender

Well, it seems like your TP-Link extender is partially configured and that is giving you the “TP-Link extender no light” issue. For fixing this, you need to reset your TP-Link extender and then configure it again by applying the instructions provided on TP-Link setup page.

To reset your TP-Link WiFi extender:

  • Disconnect it from your main router.
  • Press the TP-Link extender reset hole.
  • Release the reset hole of your TP-Link WiFi range extender.

After applying this fix, you will surely have a solution in hand for the “TP-Link extender no light” issue.

The Last Words Here ends our article on fixing “TP-Link extender no light” issue. We hope that after applying the fixes provided in this TP-Link troubleshooting guide, you can troubleshoot the issue. Feel free to share your feedback with us.

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