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On a sweltering Monday morning, my cell phone stopped charging, and I decided to visit a cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA. The scenes that greeted me as soon as I entered the shop were where everyone was bustling with activities. There were customers explaining their cell phone repair issues to skilled technicians. That made me wonder what kind of services cell phone repair shops in Modesto, CA, provide? I asked a nearby technician, and he mentioned the following services companies like Pro Phone Repair, a cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA, provide to its customers.

Services provided by Cell Phone Repair Store in Modesto, CA

Screen Repair/ Replacement

The issue of a broken screen is the most common cell phone repair in Modesto. Due to sleek cell phones and large screens, a slight slip from the hand can damage the phone screen. According to a resource, 5761 people break their cell phone screen every hour, resulting in running to a cell phone repair store in Modesto for a screen repair.

Charging Port Issues

When a phone charges slowly or doesn’t charge at all, it is mostly the faulty charging port that is the main culprit. There is a small connector in the USB Port that is not connecting to the charging port. There can be many reasons like

  • Dust or debris blocking the port
  • Hardware damage
  • Corrosion is caused by a humid atmosphere and many more

Companies like Pro Phone Repair, a cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA, can easily repair it for you and make your cell phone functional.

Water Damage

Did you forget to take your cell phone out while jumping in the swimming pool? Or Has tea/ Coffee spilled on your cell phone? Fret not. Try simple steps like

  • Remove the cell phone from the wet area.
  • Remove the cell phone cover, SIM Card, and other accessories
  • Power off the cell phone
  • Let it dry

Get your phone repaired in Modesto at a cell phone repair shop if it does not work.

Button Replacements

Another fairly common issue in Cell phone repairs in Modesto is the button replacements. Home and power buttons are fairly used, so they tend to get the most replacement. You can always get it fixed at Pro Phone Repair, a  cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA.

Crashed Systems

People consider their cellphones/ tablets as second laptops/computers in most cases. They access their email accounts, Online banking, social media accounts, and much more through these cell phones. All of this can result in an overload and a system crash. Even the slightest issue in the motherboard or as simple as a virus identification will require the guidance of an expert technician. A cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA, also provides services for system crashes and more.

Speaker Repair

Speaker malfunctioning is also a very common issue that requires repair from a cell phone repair shop. It mostly occurs when users listen to music all day long. Hence a malfunction occurs, resulting in a visit to the repair shop.

Camera Repair

People cannot bear a broken or malfunctioned camera. It is the most frustrating and exhausting thing for the users. They can easily move around with a scratched screen but cannot move around without a camera that is broken. Hence the picture freaks can visit a cell phone repair store in Modesto, CA, and get their phones repaired.

Data Recovery

Expert Technicians at Pro Phone Repair will help you recover your precious data if you lose it by mistake. Many people try to recover it all by themselves, watching various videos on the search engine, while others look up for expert help.

The above mentioned are a few of the many services that companies like Pro Phone Repair, a cellphone repair store in Modesto, CA, provide. For more information about the services they are offering, visit their website.

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