Uber Clone 2022: Explore This Multi-trip and Multi-stoppage Feature

Uber Clone App

Rapid urbanisation is visible everywhere, and towns all around the world are preparing for it. According to this urbanisation, the transportation business requires considerable revisions, and it is entirely shifting to the mobility idea. It is the ability to move freely via technological platforms.

Uber is one such well-known platform that delivers several advancements to the transportation business. The Uber Clone App is the next-generation solution for the mobility concept, with plenty of customer-centric features and revenue-accelerating methods. Because of the growing size of service providers, new launchers will have to consider their long-term viability.

To be different you’ll need to provide something unique and beneficial to your users. Implementing Uber Clone App with features like Multi-trip and Multiple stoppage for your users can immediately boost your customer base.

Let’s understand these features in detail:

Adding Multiple Trips & Multiple Stoppage

This feature, which is already available in numerous countries, will allow you to pick up and drop off pals at any point throughout your ride. On trips with several stops in India, you can add up to three stops and your costs will still include time and distance rates.

Any additional stops you make during a trip will alter your driver’s route and appear in your app. To be routed to the next place, swipe ‘confirm stop’ once you’ve arrive at one of the added destinations.

It’s easy to add multiple stops in Uber Clone Application

  1. Open the app and tap on “Where to”
  2. Fill in the address accordingly and for the multiple stops press on the “+” that allows you to add address
  3. Add your first destination, similarly tapping on “+” you can add more destinations accordingly
  4. Press save.

The feature has been design keeping in mind the user’s demands for traveling multiple trips without getting a new cab for the new trip. This not only saves time but money, making it a cost-effective trip regardless it has multiple stoppage.

Apart from the above-mentioned, you can integrate new features of On-demand Taxi Booking App that will put you ahead in the business race.

Taxi booking iWatch app

The team has designed and perfected the iWatch App for you, based on their years of expertise releasing apps. Your Apple Users can now book taxis using this feature that has a similar work mechanism of that like Uber.

Restricted driver’s fraud

The function stops the driver from registering an arrival until he or she has arrived at the desired location. It assures users that the app’s payment procedures are open and transparent.

Location-wise push-notifications

The admin can target users by geo-fencing a certain location with the location-based push notification. It is simple to obtain quick and effective outcomes in this manner.

Features of Covid Safety Alerts

Face mask verification, Safety checklists, Safety ratings and reviews, Ride cancellation, and restricted passenger restrictions are all included in the Uber Clone App’s COVID19 safety features. The function ensures that both users and drivers are completely safe.

Website Reservations

The Uber Clone App for Taxi includes a mobile-friendly website that allows your customers to order a taxi online.

Multi-language and currency

Your Uber Clone App is ready to use in your native language and currency. The app comes with ten different languages and currencies, including English and USD (American Dollar).

Payment gateway integration 

Your consumers will be impress by how simple it is to pay. Choose an app development company that specialises in a variety of payment channels to make the payment process as simple as possible.

Summing It Up

We mobile app development Company completely utilize the above-mentioned criteria while designing the Uber Clone App, such as pre-scheduling, COVID19 Safety Features, multiple ride booking, and more, to assure your service’s long-term success. If you wish to build a sustainable model, see our live demo and contact us for more details.

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