Understanding long span roof design

Understanding long span roof design

Have you ever paid attention to the structures of gymnasiums, auditoriums, or warehouses? Often their roof structure is not similar to residential complexes. Instead, because of the vast size of these areas, they are constructed with a long span roof.

Ideal for big projects, long span roofs provide insulation and ensure protection against elements all year round.

Hop in below to learn more about them!

What exactly are long span roofs?

A long span roof is a roof that exceeds the mark of 12m in span to produce strong and column-free interior spaces. Furthermore, their design helps to reduce substructure expenses and construction costs.

Long span roofs are a top pick in buildings where –

  • Visibility is preferred – auditoriums or covered stadiums
  • Flexibility is vital – warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Moveable objects are kept- aircraft hangers

The primary functions of these structures are similar to residential roof designs, protecting against weather, restricting fire, and ensuring thermal and sound insulation, among others. However, as these are the only structural systems apart from perimeter walls, they provide support for lighting, lifting equipment, building services, and access routes.

Materials creating a long span roof are listed below:

  • Aluminium alloy
  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete

Out of these, steel is the preferred choice because of its remarkable durability and longevity.

Things to consider while choosing long span roofs

Now to be clear, different types of designs are available for long span roofs. The design choice depends entirely on the kind of structure you are creating. Below are listed some of the common types of long span roofs.

  • Portal frame
  • Pitched truss
  • Saw-tooth roof
  • Trussed rafter
  • Space frame
  • Monitor roofs
  • Space frame

Here are a few things that will help you make the right choice –

1.     Professional Design and Installation

The installation of long-span roofs requires special care because of their extended length and complex design. So, ensure that the contractor and his team have experience and knowledge in this arena. A licensed professional will ensure your building is structurally sound and meets the local regulations.

2.     Materials

For long span roofs, certain materials are better suited. They must be light enough not to require any column support and robust enough to withstand the pressure.

As mentioned, steel is the standard choice for long-span roofs- strong, resilient, and lightweight.

3.     Cost

Your budget is a significant thing to consider when choosing the design for your roof.

No doubt, when you are building a roof, you will require a lot of money but do not be disheartened. There are several choices available that will meet your budget. However, don’t make a choice solely based on money, keep into consideration quality.

A good quality roof will help you save money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Your roof stands between the interior of your space and the outside world. Therefore, you can’t make mistakes while choosing the design for your roof.

Long span roofs are for people or organisations that require a vast amount of space. There aren’t central column spaces in these types of structures, giving you an open floor space that you can utilise in different ways.

If you want to invest in long span roofs, have a professional do the job for you. Together, you can choose the best design and have a building that will last forever.

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