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Amped wireless setup

The smart generation needs smarter features. And, it becomes more important when you have a tech-savvy kid in your home. This is where Amped wireless range extenders, equipped with unbeatable newfangled technology come into the picture. After doing Amped wireless setup your kid can take online classes, play multiplayer games, do video conferencing, and do many more online activities without lag.

But, do you want to spruce up that digital experience? If you have answered the question in yes, then using the smart features of the extender will be of great help to you. If you are unaware of the Amped wireless extender’s smart features, this post will be your one-stop solution. So, let’s get going.

Amped Extender Smart Features

The smart features of your Amped range extender can be accessed via the web-based management utility. Here are a few smart features that your Amped WiFi extender supports:

  1. Wireless Access Schedule

The most astonishing and powerful feature supported by the Amped range extender is Wireless Access Scheduling. It is the feature that disables internet access for a specific period for the subjected devices. With the Access Scheduling feature enabled on your wireless extender, there will be no internet access for the assigned period.

It can help you decide time periods for which you don’t want your kid to spend time on the screen and give rest to his/her eyes. In simple words, this feature will work like parental controls. So, if you want to use this marvelous feature, you have to do Amped wireless login locate the Smart Features tab on the web menu, and click the Access Schedule option. Thereafter, enable it. However, make sure that your Amped wireless range extender is operating in the local time zone. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain and you won’t be able to take advantage of this amazing feature.

  1. User Access Control

Has an unknown person got access to your Amped range extender? Are you hesitating to ask him not to use your WiFi? Well, you need not ask him out if you enable the User Access Control feature on your WiFi device. Want to know how?

The User Access Control feature allows you to deny internet access to a person leeching your WiFi. So, he/ she won’t be able to access your Amped range extender anymore. But, you have to note the MAC address of their device to get them blocked. Enabling this feature is not an intimidating task. Just access the login page of your extender, and click Smart Features > User Access. On reaching the User Access window, fill in the MAC address of the targeted device, add a comment, and hit Apply. Once done, wait for the changes to get reflected.

  1. Wireless Coverage Control

Tired of less WiFi coverage provided by your Amped range extender? Time to ease out worry lines by adjusting the wireless coverage controls of your extender. Yes! You read that correctly. The Wireless Coverage Control feature is another feature in the talented cap of Amped WiFi extenders. It allows you to decide the output coverage of the Amped device. You don’t need to transmit signals to the entire block or community. It means you can decide the radius of the WiFi signals emitted by your Amped wireless range extender.

Pondering how to adjust the extender’s wireless coverage? So, access http://setup.ampedwireless.com log in to the Amped device, navigate to the web menu, and click Smart Features > Wireless Coverage. Select the desired option and wait patiently for the changes to come into effect.

  1. Guest Networks

This feature will come to your rescue when you have a hoard of guests visiting your house. It allows you to create a new network for guests that is entirely different from the host network. Also, it will have a wireless key different than the host network. So, you can share its WiFi password without compromising the security of the main network.

You can do it by accessing the extender’s dashboard. However, if you face any issues while doing so, consider following the simplest Amped wireless extender troubleshooting hacks i.e. rebooting. It will also help you improve the extender’s output.

What’s Next?

So, our guide to the smart features of the Amped range extender ends here. Which feature do you find the most helpful? Let us know via comments.

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